[Event] Alt appreciation event => nice prizes, alts preferred!

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  1. -=) This event is over! (=-

    Alts only?! YESS, we're taking over!

    More seriously: I fully understand (and agree!) that some players keep alts away from their event because it wouldn't be fair: some players could enter the same event multiple times and increase their chances of winning. Which simply isn't fair.

    But I do hope you can forgive me for poking a little fun at it ;)

    Anyone can play!

    In case you're upset because you don't think it's fair that you can't enter: Just admit to the truth that you're Hashhog's alt and enter the competition already! :D

    In this competition the use of alt's over mains is preferred! And all alts are welcome, no restrictions.


    Preview on: /v 3544
    • Vault voucher (2x).
    • Stable voucher.
    • Taste The Freedom steak.
    • "5 years of EMC" Krysyy signature.
    • 16 Haunted candy.
    • 2 Villager eggs.
    • Wither skeleton head.
    • A dark-oak boat (donated by me, GripCEO!).
    • A slime head.
    • A cave spider head.
    • AyanamiKun & GripCEO head.
    • A weird block.
    • Free plot bam & Arbor guide *
    • 4 Golden apples: two regular & two enchanted ('Notch' apple, uncraftable).
    * These are signed books which Shell once wrote, mostly were meant as a joke and not many copies exist.

    Head rarity (some people seem to care about this):
    • GripCEO's head is somewhat rare, I'm not sure but approx. 8 copies have been released so far. At one time even in the waste :D
    • AyanamiKun's head is definitely rare: Only 2 have been given away in total so far.
    How to enter

    To make it more complex and maybe too confusing there will be 2 events in one :)
    • Pick a number between 1 - 255; winners will be determined by using random.org.
    • Share a (funny) story about you and your alt. Original stories risk winning original prizes (Judges: ShelLuser & AyanamiKun).
    What if you don't have an alt or are merely an alt of Hashhog yourself?
    • Share a story why you would (or wouldn't!) like to have an alt and risk winning a runner up prize.

    And here are the participants:

    • 4 - GeneralWillikers
    • 7 - Allicanto
    • 8 - crazyminerpete
    • 9 - ShaneKas
    • 10 - Guill (moved from 8)
    • 13 - RunderC
    • 21 - FDNY21
    • 22 - TigerBooks
    • 23 - Clan23
    • 24 - FoxyRavenger_5
    • 25 - FoxyRavenger_6
    • 31 - JkBroCalmDown
    • 33 - Dufne
    • 34 - HashyButt
    • 35 - Deniz_The_Boss
    • 36 - Alejijjijo01
    • 39 - NathanRP
    • 42 - AGamerCalledBen
    • 44 - frogy0258
    • 61 - BenMA
    • 62 - CatNapInn
    • 66 - ExExUnderscore
    • 68 - MagnusMercrator
    • 77 - VaultPage
    • 111 - Mr_Chest
    • 127 - 607
    • 201 - Capt_Bloodbeard
    • 230 - Tuqueque
    • 255 - OrangeDuck607


    This event maybe held by GripCEO (my alt) but it's not related in any way what so ever to GRIP. All prizes come from either mine or Aya's personal storage. Reason I use GripCEO should be obvious: seems a bit off to start a "Alt only" competition while being a main yourself :D

    Have fun!
  2. I pick #62

    One time I recorded a youtube video of me and my main punching eachother and fighting in town chat :p
    ( I was bored XD didnt know what to do )
  3. and bump!

    updated prizes with a nice picture, that should help :)
  4. 61 Please! :)

    When I first got my alt, I took it to the waste and tried to blow it up! :p I wasted some rupees on tnt.. But it was worth is! :)
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  5. Whaaat?! Noo, I want the only Arbor Guide! :p

    33 please! There was that one time I was working on something with Hashybutt when rhy chose to hijack it :p
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  6. 34 please ;) That time when my name was Rhythmicallly and everyone was confused :p
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  7. hmmm funny story
    this is my main account
    and i have an alt called santalanx
    i named him after a friends (phalanx) chrismas party
    at this party he called himself santalanx
    so when i came on with my alt :D
    nobody knew who he was
    and i loved how everybody was guessing who it was :)

    they did find it out later on :(

    hmmm number 7 plz

    edit: if i have multiple alts, do i need to enter multiple times?
  8. Small update:

    It's not yet decided how the prizes are going to be given away (individually or grouped a bit) , and for those of you who have followed a few of my events the prizes might also not be fully definitive either (iow: stuff might get added, but that's unsure for now).

    One thing is sure: the heads will be given away individually.

    We'll round the event up upcoming weekend, the 7th of August. I'll update the OP later on.

    That is totally up to you :)
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  9. Can I include my banned alts or no?
  10. Nah, lets keep it to accounts which can actually access the game.
  11. Alright fine 23
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  12. Ooooo contest! 24 pls
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  13. 35 please ;)

    Well, it wasn't between me and my alt, but I was on this account when it happened. :p The whole TTMOF group was out mining and we had been betting on how old Hashhog was and I was shocked when I had overestimated by a ton :p I actually don't think any of us got even close

    I also remember how happy we were when we finished mining out the huge chunk of nether for the wither farm we had in mind :)
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  14. As I was about to log into my account you blocked me you scurvy lol Jk <3

    I'll take 25 please
  15. 66

    i named my alt underscoreexex to match my name'
    (it was at one point an alt, now my brother uses it)
  16. I am not an alt :p One time, I punched my alt into lava. He got really mad.

    Foxy or azoundria are going to win this thing, they have 10+alts lol. :p
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  17. Really? I thought I punched you.
    You took my number again! I want no. 9. My owner is stupid. He enslaved me to do work for him.
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  18. Every. Time. Stop arguing. You are a very bad alt.
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  19. Says the person who has no brain. :0
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  20. Says the person who is derelict for a year. We are done. Shattup ;)
    Why Shel! Every time I talk about my alt, he starts insulting or arguing. -_-
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