[EVENT] A November To Remember

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  1. When:
    November 30th, 12pm EMC/Eastern (GMT-5)

    SMP8, 16716 (2nd Res)

    A celebration! Drop party, treasure hunt, parkour race, and more!

    November 23rd marks both my 1,000th day on EMC, and my IRL birthday (I'll be 31, ye gods). Sadly, despite having three months to plan and prepare, I just couldn't get things ready on time. So I figure, why not end the month with a bang?

    • Drop Party - When it comes to drop parties, I have one philosophy: No junk. No wool, dirt, or glass filler here - if it falls, it's worth keeping. Gold blocks, diamonds, emeralds, promos, potions, vouchers, and rupee "tickets" - even the somewhat-coveted Tiger Mask, for those of you itching to have my head.
      Donations are welcome, but not requested - PM me if you'd like to contribute.
    • Treasure Hunt - Tiger's Text may have moved, but my home residence on 16087 still has two floors of library and empty chests. When the Drop ends, pay a visit to Casa Del Keph and see what new shinies you can find!
    • Parkour Races - Hosted on 17487, this residence is home to several short parkour courses of varying difficulty. Special thanks to corruptedsmile for its use!
    • Contest -Delayed until January. See this post for details.
    What more can I say? EMC's seen some changes since I joined, but it's still the best server I know and I'm proud to call it home. Stay awesome, comrades!
  2. Congratz Keppy :D!
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  3. I won't be able to make it, but I'm sure it will be a blast =)
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  4. Kewl, I may not be able to go but we'll see :)
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  5. Should be worth attending, it should be one of the few drop parties i don't recieve a vault full of dirt from.
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  6. I don't care if my house burns down, my laptop explodes, and the World Wide Web drops; I will be at that party.
  7. Kephhhh I can't wait and Congratz and happy early birthday :DDD
  8. Thank you all :) Spread the word in-game as well, I know a lot of folks don't visit the forums (even though they should!)

    Aww, sadfish. Well I hope you have a great time on vacation at least. :) I'll try to save you some cake.
  9. Congrats, Keph!
    To be honest, I'm more interested in seeing that room than the party…:oops: Regardless, I will try to attend!
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  10. I'll be flying to Missouri then, won't be back until the 4th. :l
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  11. I can make this one \(o30)/
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  12. Woop woop! Congrats on the big Triple-O, and happy birthday! You're easily on of the people I respect most on EMC, and I know that it wouldn't be the same without you. Here's to 1,000 days of Kephras and a thousand more to come. I'll try to attend! :)
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  13. I doubt I'll be able to make it, but congrats and happy birthday to a fellow SMP8'er! Thanks for hosting this, and I hope that everyone going has a blast! :D
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  14. I live in England and it will be 5PM on a Monday morning then so I can't make it unfortunately. Though it does look great, and I hope that everyone who goes enjoys themselves! I may have to look into this "Contest" when it is announced, though... Happy 1,000th day on the Empire and 31st Birthday Kephras! :)
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  15. Are you serious? An event that I can actually make? :D
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  16. Sadly, I don't attend DPs (unless hosting them) so I won't be able to arrive. My wishes to another thou though!
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  17. Sounds amazing! Hopefully I'll be able to attend and I might be able to donate some items.
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  18. The DP is only part of it, but I can understand the sentiment. Hopefully we'll see you around after the Drop is over, for some of the other celebratory events!
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  19. 31? D:

    thought you were younger than me xD like 15 or 16 or something :p
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  20. 31 looks pretty appealing to me, seeing how Kephras acts. I wouldn't at all be surprised if he were younger though, when you think about how young 72volt is.
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