ETA of the Empire Updates

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  1. Games Server - Soon
    Dragon Tombs - Soon
    Dystopia - In a while
  2. Are you related to the other guy or just inspired by him?
  3. Someone got a lot of MC gift cards for Christmas xD
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  4. Now we know this is not true with all the 1.8 mess, lol

    This is a bit funny and creative, but honestly seems like impersonating staff, almost, so best to change your avatar so people dont get confused, imo.
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  5. Does anybody actually know how long Aikar time is?
  6. Justinguy. Totally Justin.
  7. FTFY
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  8. A new trend just started.
  9. I thought it was actually Aikar that posted this
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  10. Lol Ulti, it probably is (omg plz aikartime and dragontombs)
  11. Thanks for the updates Aikar!
  12. lmao. another aikar alt lol. it is not aikar time, it emc time yo
  13. One Aikar year = 10 normal years.