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  1. I'm a new player to Empire Minecraft. I made my way through the tutorial and made it to the sign that says 'Type /town to enter the Empire. Have fun!' Typing /town, however, only gives me a message that says 'You will gain access to chat once you complete the tutorial.'

    Why am I stuck in the tutorial? >:/
  2. Try walking backwards through the tutorial until a message appears. You can also try doing it on another SMP. The tutorial is notorious for this sorta thing.

    If that doesn't work, PM IcecreamCow, Maxarias and shaunwhite1982 on this site, explaining the problem and they'll be able to help you out. :)
  3. Walking back to the start of it didn't work. Guess I'm getting on a different server. :(
  4. Oh, I see what happened. In SMP 1, I only got the first correct answer message.
  5. Protip to everyone who has this problem: Disconnect and reconnect every time you fail to get a correct answer confirmation in chat (unless you see the incorrect answer sign d: ).
  6. Maybe this should be in the empire guide :)
  7. A certain someone who's an eye on a car has mentioned that the tutorial will be getting a revamp "soon", so maybe that's not really needed. :)

    (Soon = EMC soon = let's say less than a year probably)
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  8. We are on Valve Time.
  9. Well crap, there goes anything with a 3 in it.
  10. IDK we did SMP3.
  11. And you guys got 3 Senior Staff members.
    There's plenty of reason to look forward to stuff with a 3 in it.
    (number of admins)*1.5=3
    Half Life 3 Confirmed
  12. 4*:p
  13. 4-1=3
    A Third Admin Confirmed
  14. Since when are there 4? I only remember shaunwhite1982, Maxarias, and Aikar.
  15. There's a third admin?
    The fourth is very high.
    veerrry hiighhhh....
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  16. I seriously have no idea who you are talking about.
  17. It wouldn't be any fun if I told you directly who it was.
    Someone else might though :p
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  18. People see cars when they think of him... At least that is who I think they're referring to :p
  19. There's a secret senior staff member. PM me to find out! Just don't say it in this thread!
  20. Okay then