Temporary Downtime 3/7/2013 [10AM-12PM EST, 3-5PM GMT]

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Time zones are too hard to understand...
    Luckily, I have an app for that...
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  2. lolwut?
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  3. That reminds me:

    Server hardware as in the machines and such the servers run on. Software being the Server programs and all that fancy stuff.
  4. Is it still being worked on? cause its past 12 and i cant get on. :(
  5. just a few more moments
  6. Where I am, it's only 9:30 am...
    On their time, it's probably 10:00 or 10:30.
    EDIT: Or 11:00, and they're just taking a little extra time.
  7. EST it's currently 12:35
  8. yay
  9. What's the new OS gonna be?
  10. This man runs on Valve time. Don't trust him.
  11. emc going linux
  12. hehehe...
  13. maint is now done..

    OS is same, just run some updates.

    There may be some db lag for a few hours but everything should be ok now.
  14. thanks aikar and justin and the rest of the team
  15. Thanks you guys!
  16. for the technically inclined -- one of our DB server's disk was failing -- so the server is/was rebuilding the raid array.

    We also took the effort to run system updates and we improved our database server config to hopefully improve performance more (and fix some errors we saw that might of contributed to the disk failing)
  17. so it was not like a upgrade?
  18. Oh no not you to! I thought only Sonicol1 used the Majora's mask picture..........
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