Temporary Downtime 3/7/2013 [10AM-12PM EST, 3-5PM GMT]

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. FYI this is not a hardware upgrade.

    Our host has noticed some oddities in the database server so we must shut down everything so they can take care of it.

    But this gives us the benefit of doing OS level upgrades on the system too while we have this maint.

    Nothing is changing really on the MC side of things -- just a necessary maint to ensure the server doesnt crash and keep it maintained...

    While hardware upgrades are planned, the DB server doesn't need one lol... It's such a beast.

    But thats a seperate maint window to come in the near future.
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  2. Anyone else notice the title says 2012?
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  3. Thanks for keeping everything up todate and running smooth. I to have to manage servers at work and I try and take any oppurtunity to update my OS and apps when it will least impact users. Not an easy task sometimes.

    thanks again good sir.
  4. Awww, okay. bummer is, it must be affecting the voting because I just voted to get my rupees and it didn't register them!
  5. im suffering...
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  6. I go nuts with out Minecraft. Thought I should do some single player stuff :p. But YAY to updating :)
  7. Yes voting will not be able to reward you.

    please hold off on voting until the maint is over.
  8. What Time in GMT is this ???
  9. Exactly... Lol @ 'eastern time'.

    For EMC crew's information: It's 16:42 here now, in the Netherlands (GMT+1, Central European time)
  10. When we will be able to get back on and play? :)
  11. It is going on right now.

    Ran into a few hiccups so it will go a bit past 11.

    No real ETA, but should hopefully be done before 12 EST. (1hr 15m from now)
  12. Awesome! :D
  13. Well, now I know to stop clicking Refresh....
  14. Before 12 what?
  15. 12:00 EST
  16. Oh lol, that's 5 hours later than GMT time, I found out... Sorry, didn't knew about EST.
  17. It's the timezone along the Eastern side of the Americas and the time zone EMC is in.

  18. lol @ Spain.

    It's funny how some of those countries ignore the geographical dateline and just go "Screw it, we want THIS timezone!" And then there's Uruguay, just chillin' an hour ahead of Argentina and Brazil.

    Time zones are so arbitrary.
  19. *tapping fingers anxiously* :cool:
  20. lol. That's not even the worst part. We have time zones and then on top of that there's Daylight Savings time and some countries don't even use that. "Screw your DST!"
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