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  1. I'm curious, as I don't believe I've heard of software being the cause of hard drive failure before... so other than, I suppose, reducing the write frequency to the disk, what could be done? Or was that it? :p
  2. I think you have it right on, especially if they arent using hard drives, but SSDs (which i suspect they do use). If i remember correctly, SSDs technically have a limited lifespan due to a finite but indeterminable amount of writes. For the average consumer, that probably isnt too big of an issue. But with a large minecraft server, i bet really wears down on the drives:p
  3. I am pretty sure that they don't use Solid State Drives. (SSDs) SSDs are for transportability and durability. (e.g. A laptop.) Due to the fact that the servers are stationary, and are constantly writing, erasing, and rewriting data, like if anybody on any server places a block, destroys it, and places it somewhere else, SSDs seem like an illogical choice due to their finite amount of rewrite times. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just making an educated guess.
  4. Lol everyone was freaking out about the mantenance and i was too busy doing other stuff. Like Watching My Little Pony :rolleyes:
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  5. Ahhh you are right. I thought that we had 4 x 480gb, with 480gb commonly an SSD capacity. Looks like we have some raptor drives, since their lifespan is shorter than you average 7200rpm SATA III:p
  6. SSD's are not for "Transportability and durability" SSD's are for speed and responsiveness, they run at over 500MB/s which is 5X faster than HDD's and the fastest SSD's can do over 95000 IOP/S (HDD's will get a 1000 at best) With TRIM and WL modern SSD's will last for up to 2PB (Far more than any mechanical HDD)
  7. You can corrupt an HDD just by bumping it. That's what I meant by SSDs are more durable.
  8. is voting back up or will it be soon
  9. It was 3 days ago.
    Everything is back to normal.
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