Estonan Federation [Established]

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  1. Hello fellow Estonans,

    On the advent of the servers 1.15 update Onetoad and I though it appropriate to finally post an public update on the state of Maximus and the Empire as a whole.
    While it was publicly stated that all official work was to end on Maximus and that the Empire was to dissolve, Onetoad and I have continued to work on the city periodically over the last two years since our last update (WOW!)

    Here is just a glimpse at the progress that has been made in Maximus:

    If anyone is interested in returning or joining us for a tour of the progress in Maximus please do not hesitate to contact Onetoad or myself!

    Long live Maximus!

  2. I would also like to update you on the remainder of the former Empire. While is was stated that we would no longer care of any other possessions of the former Estonan Federation, onetoad and I saw it fit to give some well needed attention to Darrowmere and Parisco given their proximity to Maximus. Here is a glimpse at our work so far!

    This is what Parisco now looks like, with the gleaming capital Maximus in the background.

    And after many year of griefing and neglect, this is an early glimpse at Darrowmere's second life.
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  3. I'm watching this thread, but I'm not sure why.
    Maybe this is the outpost that I joined back in the day? :) It's plausible! I might do some searches later to see if I can find posts from me in this thread, but it's a bit too long to just manually go through all pages. :p
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  4. Nice Job bringing back the Frontier feel. Thank you for all that tremendous work onetoad and Devon699! I don't play as much as i used to but my son and i have been intrigued by the the changes that have been made.
  5. Sorry. just to clarify. The "Frontier feel" was ment for Darrowmere/ Perisco.
  6. You're welcome I was so ashamed of Darrowmere and Parisco the first time I brought you out fixing it up became top priority for us for a couple weeks.

    Lesson learned: Don't let noobs take over nearby islands.
  7. Something new is happening in Maximus...

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  8. Wow you guys have done a lot of great work. I was just out there in east oak area and noticed that it had not been updated to 1.15 yet on the map. meaning I was the first one out there since the update. glad to see that some people are still living in the wild.

    Also thanks for not locking the iron farm collection point. Always good to see people sharing resources in the wild.
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  9. I encourage you to pop on sometime and onetoad or myself can give you an official tour of the city!
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  10. hello everyone, its been a while aha.

    For years ive preached if i ever returned to EMC that i would retire to Maximus ! and i here to keep my promise. I have just moved to maximus, and upon arrival (as i expected aha) alot has indeed changed, including the position of my house !! im now having difficulty in renovating the inside as another player has placed the blocks and i cannot remove or alter them. The MOD said that i need your permission dev, so let me know whenever you get the chance and we can get this sorted !! Once again, im excited to be back and playing again !!
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  11. Holly,

    We are so excited to have you in the city! We are in the midst of a lot of construction right now, but I hope we can help you settle in well! I hope to catch you on sometime soon and we can get you all settled in!
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  12. Welcome back! Your house was indeed saved. Hopefully you can see the square development and understand the reasons behind this decision. As I originally built it I had the perms to do it so most of the blocks there should be mine, as we are friends you should be able to break my blocks so renovate as you see fit. Nice to see you around again.
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  13. Hi guys, yeah I noticed the new square and panicked aha, then roamed the streets looking for somewhere to shelter in the dark, but rediscovered the new location which is equally as nice !!! And as a bit of an amateur designer myself I 100% agree with what was done ahaha. I’ve always had a soft spot for maximus so, I’m glad to be back !!! The blocks in question were placed by a player called Mantis699 or something like that, but I’m sure we’ll get it sorted.

    Looking forward to seeing you all again !!
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  14. I’m hoping to jump on and play around 9-10pm UK time, which would be 4-5pm eastern US time I think ? If anyone will be on around then ?
  15. Hey holly!

    I had a mod come by and clear the perms for the whole house so it should be good for you to edit. I might be on around that time, that’s around when my shift ends!
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