Estonan Federation [Established]

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  1. Welcome to the Estonan Federation (Estona)
    A Great Wildnerness Nation in smp9's Eastern Frontier

    In this thread you will find all the discussions between our citizens and others living in the frontier nations around us. This first post is periodically edited to reflect any changes, and so that it can act as a full and up to date outline of our country. As a federation, our nation incorporates many settlements who share our ideals, history and aspirations. All players reading this are welcome to visit and join our community, providing they follow all EMC rules, hold an attitude of independence, respect and co-operation amongst other players, and comply with local building codes and standards. The map of the East Wilderness below shows the location of our Federation and surrounding outposts and the list shows how these settlements are governed:

    Founders Council - devon699, wildbeast23, siniypiva and onetoad

    Settlements within the Established Boundary

    - Maximus (Federal Capital) - Maximus Council
    - Parisco - Maximus Council
    - East Oak - Mayor wildbeast23
    - Ironwood Cliffs, New Cuba and Momentus Island - Mayor siniypiva
    - Coalwood - Mayor devon699
    - Knight's Guild/Dwyrain - Knight's Council
    - Terra and Demeter - Mayor voxelray

    Other Settlements

    - Amanda
    - Thurbur - Mayor mrlegitislegit

    How is Estona Run? Here's Our Constitution:

    - The Federation is headed by the Founders Council whose membership is listed in the structure above.

    - The Council proposes, discusses and passes Bills internally and at their own discretion. A National Assembly can held in reference to very important decisions, there the Bill is stated and outlined in full. If a citizen disagrees with the law, they have the power to put forward a veto. If a Bill is vetoed then the assembly as a whole then agrees whether the Bill should be annulled. If no one vetoes, the law is then passed. The Council itself acts as the Head of State and represents the Federation. Main areas it controls include foreign policy and embassies, the founding/expansion of territories/settlements and any other major changes to the nation deemed significantly important as to effect the nation as a whole.

    - Significant settlements in the Federation have a Mayor which is mutually agreed and chosen by the Founders' Council. They care for their settlement on a day to day basis and enforce national laws within the city. Also enforcing any specific building codes within their jurisdiction.

    - The Estonan Defense Advisor (siniypiva) controls the EPC (Estonan Peace Corps) which includes supplying the nation with guidance on foreign affairs matters and making sure citizens are provided, if they so wish, with basic armor and weaponry for their safety and the safety of the Federation.

    Our nation does not have clearly defined borders as we consist of mostly island outposts, although we are an established community which means that building within 3000 blocks of our registered locked chest (in the western ocean beside Maximus) will be classed as griefing unless given specific permission. Our nation has transport links to other Eastern Wilderness outposts, most conveniently through the main nether hub, accessed from the Eastern Wilderness nether portal (straight ahead as you come into the nether). This nether rail takes you straight to the Federation's outposts. There are also two other rails; one taking you to Inzoino (near Wrem) and another taking you to Volt. These are located to the right of the main nether portal.

    Our community has no application process, we'd invite any confident individuals who want to make their place in the wild to join our nation. Take a boat or run through the eastern wilderness and join us, or take one of the nether routes discussed above, although if you are new or unsure of living in the wild then contact a community leader/mayor so that they can arrange to lead you from town to our nation (or just reply to this thread to do so).

    EMC rules are central to Estona:

    - Serious arguing on this thread will result in you being asked to leave the nation, as well as staff handing punishments for any breach of forum rules. All posts in this thread should be either feedback, constructive criticism or updates on progress. Questionable remarks (even satirical ones) are generally not appreciated.

    - Griefing or stealing or any other breach of EMC rules will not be tolerated and reported to the server staff. Being involved in these activities will also result in being asked to leave the nation. If unfortunate enough to have a creeper blast happen to you, and you're unable to mend it properly or it has destroyed property please post on this thread and leave a sign in game saying what happened.

    - Players are also asked to respect other people's property in the wild. Entering people's property without permission may not be appreciated by locals especially snooping around unlocked chests.

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  2. First Comment: To add on to the map those too big islands between us and volt are the Zeetopian islands, they are allies with us.
  3. Nice quote at the bottom there ;)

    Ha hope this thread takes off! Stick a link to it in your signature wildbeast, should help bring in viewers
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  4. haha cheers fella
  5. So I was thinking about some improvements that we could make to the Darrowmere Garden. I am willing to bring the materials and create an automated Garden. Its a simple concept and works very well. All we would need to do is plant. It harvests automatically with the flip of a switch. I know were going for the rustic look but I don't see this as being an issue. We put a chest at the foot of the garden and stockpile food. So basically if you come to Darrowmere and you see the garden is ready to harvest. flip the switches, collect, replant and store the remaining food in the chest. Another Idea is a Automated Cobblestone machine. This personally is useless if your like me and spend a lot of time in the wastes mining but some ppl are not as Adventurous and this would be great for them to get cobble for building
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  6. As long as there's no objections, I can't see anything wrong with it :) For for it
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  7. Thank you wildbeast23 for your input. As I understand that this is a community and not one players world, I will always respect others input and accept either yea or nay.
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  8. So I know not many citizens use this site let alone these forums but I would just like to get some feedback on how Estona is governed or whether it should be governed like it is currently. I would propose something like a referendum democracy where ay major issue or concern which affects the majority of Estona's citizens is discussed at the Nation Assembly. And instead of a President, we vote for a Chairman who (as the name suggests) chairs these meetings and acts as an adviser to citizens. If you like this idea then please say and we can put it to vote at the Assembly. This is in response to the Presidential crisis we are going through and the fact that as of today there are too many votes been cast, not corresponding to the number of active citizens.
  9. I agree with the Chairman concept. This will eleaviate and voter tampering with important issues. I know that I voted yesterday and as of then there were only 3 votes on the board.
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  10. That sounds good Wildbeast..the way the voting is now i dont think is fair because u cant really tell how many signs one person is putting on the board
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  11. Well I've been planning a re-vote because I found the same issue that Wildbeast did. I plan to put up more specific instructions for the people and if that doesn't work I would love to test this new form of government. If it works we keep it if it doesn't we will have to revert to the current government. If any objections simply contact me.

    Your President

    Join us just leave a note and set a time :D
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  12. Great to see yet another of Wrem's allies being ran so well! If Estona ever has any meetings where discussions take place I'd happily offer my thoughts and services :)
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  13. And so the griefer starts their journey
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  14. Why are you so paranoid about griefers? They get banned all the time anyway.
  15. Paranoid? Why would I be paranoid about something I take no part in?
  16. I didn't mean you take part in it lol, just saying that there is no need for people to avoid going and building in the wild just because of them! Even if a griefer has began their journey to the wild, they have also began their journey towards a perma ban ;)
  17. A friend of Estona :) 2013-10-03_23.45.59.png
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  18. *Our latest dock worker
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