Estonan Federation [Established]

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  1. The latest Maximus townscape :) 2013-10-12_21.19.27.png
  2. looks better with john smith legacy =P
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  3. Hello, I've just bought a house and shop in Maximus. The town looks really nice! :)
  4. Since there has been no formal mapping of the nation as a whole... Estona.png
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  5. im on the map! =D
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  6. Maximus's Christmas/(Halloween for now) tree
    \/ 2013-10-15_23.58.40.png
    Come leave a pumpkin :)
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  7. Parisco needs a new mayor
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  8. maybe Parisco can become joined to Darrowmere
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  9. Hello there, I've finished building the Estona/Maximus Starters Centre:-
    Any non-citizens reading this, please consider joining out community, we need more active players! :)
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  10. 2013-10-27_21.11.31.png

    Here's a nice picture of Uptown Maximus for you, although the real reason for this post is to show the first Road Map of Maximus I've made:-

    Maximus Road Map.png
  11. Awesome job guys, I'd come out to look but I'm tied in other projects.. Nice job guys.. Looking forward to seeing where this project leads!
  12. Alright devon...i am officially leaving estona

    no hard feelings
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  13. As Darrowmere's new Mayor. I took the liberty of building a bridge to our Community Farm. I noticed that it had been discussed but no one had gotten to it. I think it looks good and it gives a second option for getting to the farm. Everyone Still living on Darrowmere, check it out and let me know what you think. I've noticed theres been a lot of issues in Darrowmere lately. Ppl coming and going. We all need to remember that this is a game and that the object is to explore, build and be merry. Not fight. I also wanted to discuss evolving the government into something that works. Possibly We could learn from Volt, or even Maximus. I haven't been around as long as some of you involved with the frontier and feel that those that have been around would have a better insight of what works and whats failed in past trials. Wildbeast23 and Devon699 we need to sit down and discuss Darrowmere's future and how we can make it a solid one. I also have considered taking the wooded property I created behind my house and expanding it so that we have a community area for collecting wood as well. I can create a stairway off the bridge to that location for easy access to all wanting to utilize it. I know Maximus has all this and more but just remember Rome wasn't built in a day and I think Darrowmere has as good a chance of becoming a large city just like Maximus. It needs its independance by having its own food source and wood production. We have a mine So thats pretty much established. Please help me make Darrowmere a place ppl want to build in.
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  14. actually, we have a rail going to the farming area
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  15. yes i am aware of that but I saw that they were talking about building a bridge. it was one of the plans. I also stated above that this would be a "Second Option" to get there. It doesn't hurt. looks cool. Thanks for your input. That rail has been there for a little while now. It works just fine but i don't always remember to grab my mine cart so now i can just run over there.
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  16. So now with Ducktapecow and Hacksaw gone, Who still lives on Darrowmere?
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  17. ducktape is gone too D=
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  18. what up spidey!!
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  19. im not gone i have been taking small break from neck hurting mine craft i have decided to leave today because what is going on ask wildbeast for more. You may see me out there once and a while so dont destroy ma stuff
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  20. This was posted about a month ago:-
    If we are to make a go of it we need to discuss it properly so we can write a book defining how the process works

    So I know not many citizens use this site let alone these forums but I would just like to get some feedback on how Estona is governed or whether it should be governed like it is currently. I would propose something like a referendum democracy where ay major issue or concern which affects the majority of Estona's citizens is discussed at the Nation Assembly. And instead of a President, we vote for a Chairman who (as the name suggests) chairs these meetings and acts as an adviser to citizens. If you like this idea then please say and we can put it to vote at the Assembly. This is in response to the Presidential crisis we are going through and the fact that as of today there are too many votes been cast, not corresponding to the number of active citizens.
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