Estonan Federation [Established]

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  1. wait, I asked devon to put my name on one of those, please re-add if it was removed
  2. Can I vote. I am now officially a citizen of farrow mere after talking with ducktapecow yesterday.
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  3. Idea about voteing, maybe have the citizens who vote must sign a book and then put that book into a hopper witch corisponds with who they want to vote for, and the person will tally all the votes (someone who isnt running)
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  4. Don't worry spidey your on the voting board :D
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  5. Oh well you are a citizen so yeah you can vote
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  6. Work on Maximus' new park so far :- 2013-11-05_13.47.51.png

    Also, we need a name the new harbour bridge and for this new park.

    ps. voting closes in the Chairperson election tomorrow, so make sure that you cast your votes if you haven't already. Mayors will be chosen by the new Chairperson tomorrow of Maximus, Darrowmere and Minerva. These are also two month terms, so if you would like the position then have a chat with whoever wins the election tomorrow t help them decide :)
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  7. ANNOUNCEMENT i will be becomeing a full time citizen in Maximus and Darrowmere, because i am moving my res from SMP9 to SMP7, so that means i will be at Maimus and Darrowmere full time now
  8. super nice work guys!
  9. I want to let all Citizen's of Darromere know that i have finished the Community Tree Farm. I build a Stairway down from the new bridge heading to Parisco. If heading from the Train station its on the left just before the turn. Hope you all enjoy and may Darrowmere Prosper.
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  10. wha are we callin the suspension bridge ?
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  11. I labeled the Bridge in Darrowmere to Parisco, Parisco BLVD,but I don't care what we call it
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  12. Hello Estona, thanks a lot for making me Chairman for the first term of the new government structure, of which states that while the Chairperson position is Head of State and has overall control, the Mayors chosen will be responsible for their towns growth and development and some internal affairs. So here is my decision:-

    + It seems only fair that as runner up in the election devon699 take responsibility as Mayor of Maximus, I hope he is able to draw more business to the town especially in time for the 1.7 update and lead on from the good job he has done as President.

    + I cannot think of anyone who knows Minerva better and has more of a vision for the place than spidey329 so he will become Mayor of Estona's smp2 town :) I hope he will get road building underway and begin to grow a really great town.

    + And in Darrowmere, leading on from the great job ducktapecow did as founder, I appoint 96talon as Mayor for this term, as he has shown that he has many ideas for growing the town and attracting new players.

    Lastly I just want to thank everyone who stood in the election and would also like to appoint siniypiva as defense adviser, so go to him if you need to buy weaponry and armor, I also want to wish him well in expanding Ironholm island.

    In peace,
    wildbeast23 :)
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  13. also if spidey needs rail for a nether track to minerva or a road I can help him there as well
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  14. there are alot of abandoned mineshafts under Minerva, so we have plenty of rail, as for a nether route, its kinda far for one, seeing its 10k blocks in the overworld
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  15. i never got to vote...oh well...i wouldve voted for spidey
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  16. :D Thanks for the compliment Wild that means a lot , well I may not be the leader of the country but I got the position I really wanted, mayor of the capitol city Maximus , Anyways congratulations Wildbeast23 for being voted into Chairman and congratz to the other mayors :D

    Mayor of Maximus
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  17. hey everyone, i was just thinking, since ill be in Estona alot now, i was thinking i could take over parisco from 96talon, if thats okay with you of course
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  18. um guys, theres some track missing on the nether route to Darrowmere... apon further investigation i found another rail track, im not sure where it leads yet...

    EDIT: it apparently leads to 'Dranmore Metro' whatever that is....
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  19. apon further investication a player by the name of Actanonverba is the mayor of this town
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  20. apon even further invesigation, i forgot food and i died by a skele...
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