[Established] Regen SMP4

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  1. Base name: Regen
    Server: SMP4
    Established Owner: kevmeup
    Established: 12/24/2014
    Regen Outpost.jpg

    Regen has grown over time to become a very mature and self sufficient outpost, through the hard work of our members.

    Regen is a small community in the frontier where you can still find tall trees, high grass, wild animals and green as far as the eyes can see. We attempt to keep the natural beauty of the area intact whenever possible. There is plenty of farmland and supplies for everyone and if you need anything, just ask.

    Everyone is asked to participate in some way. It may be mining, clearing farm land, building, scouting, placing torches or helping with a farm. We pride ourselves on creating a safe environment, so all members are expected to help keep the town area spawn free.

    • The general theme is of recent settlers in a land that has ancient Mayan ruins. Above ground we have a mixture of wood cabins and Mayan ruins in main areas. Our nether pathways are Mayan underworld/underwater looking.

    • I really enjoy the mature group we have right now and the relative peace and safety of secrecy, so although I'm open to inviting new members we're extremely picky/careful.
    • If you feel that this is the place for you and you have something to contribute, please feel free to PM and we'll talk.
    • Some things that will get you bonus points are being a contributor to any public project, being a supporter, long voting history, being over 18, being a well known good/nice player, being an SMP4 local or any example builds that might work with our theme.
    • When choosing new members, we hope that Regen may become their home. This means if you're extremely active with town events, a full time shop, or active in any other outpost you might not be considered.
    • In general we're looking for self sufficient players that would enjoy being part of our small community. Remember that applicants are only accepted through PMs, if you reply to this post asking to join you will not be considered.

    • Any new member can use the facilities and can build on a plot (with permission). I'm keeping the size and location of plots flexible. Before building, we'll discus and layout a perimeter. When building, please do not place locked chest in house until building is complete (use the skel farm storage or vault).

    • Yes. We probably have that farm.
    • Members only.
    • Anything you generate is yours to keep.
    • Be considerate of others items left in farms.
    • Chip in on building farms or fixing them up if you find yourself using them often.

    Projects and additional homes:
    • Once you're settled and contributing, let me know if there's anything else you'd like to build. We have plenty of room for most all frontier projects. Many people start with a small house in main town and later expand a little further out when they can have their own iron farm or more room for a build. If it doesn't interfere with other transportation plans, you can usually have your own nether portal (ask, I'll setup).

    • kevmeup
    • Songsteel
    • Keliris
    • marshmallow369
    • Centrino81
    • ShelLuser
    • C_McFly
    • ElfinPineapple
    • NeffyKitty
    • Zer0skills
    • Gweeedz
    • Patr1cV
    • PVP_Senpai (was RealTomsmasher)
    • flipflopphil
    • Bard_
    • Moonglum_
    • AmusedStew

    • All normal EMC rules apply, no stealing, griefing or being a jerk.
    • Any unauthorized modifications to town that are not on a plot will be reported as griefing immediately, so please run any changes by kevmeup before making them and mark any emergency fixes with a named sign. (This ones important, members have been permabanned from the game!)
    • When possible aim for Mayan, Jungle, wood cabin or nature look topside. Inside houses or below ground you can do whatever.
    • Southern Regen, area 2 is Mayan themed only above ground.
    • Preserve surroundings whenever possible, this is why outpost exist, to see untouched beauty.
    • Do not cut down wild trees (we have a tree farm in center of town to use).
    • Please keep mining in Regen to a minimum and preferably only under your area.
    • No sand mining.
    • No cartoon stuff.
    • No floating structures (this is only authorized for farms outside of residential areas).
    • Any new structure must be spawn proof (torches in overworld, half slabs in nether).
    • Any visitors must be approved.
    • No basic cobble can be used (stone, slabs or bricks if needed, default to cracked stone bricks if unsure) unless used as accents for build.
    • No gold can be used as an outside building material in main areas, mayans didn't actually like gold. Obsidian, Emerald and Prismarine are all very mayan ways of showing wealth or adding color.
    • No pillars allowed (lots of trees, use em).
    • No "step" mining (we have ladders).
    • No 2 block high ceilings in rooms ("go big, or go home").
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • Any items that are in public chests or vault are for use inside of Regen only (excluding zombie flesh or fish).
    • Anything that is produced through your efforts (or keeping chunks loaded) can be kept or sold, just give some back to outpost or community now and then.
    Derelict/Membership Policy:

    • Membership is a lifetime membership as long as you've participated at some point.
    • Finished builds add character and history to Regen. As long as your build isn't obstructing anyone else and looks ok, it should last for all time.
    • If you're asked to leave Regen (on good or bad terms) your builds may be removed and we will attempt to return any non-Regen items that were used in the construction or purchase them.
    Partnerships, community projects:
    • We are glad to help with anythings that improves the SMP4 Frontier.
    • We are also supporting other Outposts or community projects, just post a note or PM kevmeup.
    • Proud sponsor of the [Ender Builders Campaign] (For Enderman Farms) by Forever Company.
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  2. Underground gold farm up and running

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  3. Iron Golem Farm running, minimal, matches in and is even camo from space :)

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  4. Established :)
  5. 32x Farm up and running great.

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  6. There once was a time, there was someone who was bored, do he was going to pay his neighbours a visit to leave a little present. Sadly, he was in a glitch where your actual player is at another place where you see yourself. So he got killed by a zombie without even seeing him, and he lost his labor bench (the item he loved the most) and some other worthfull stuff, that is too bad for him!

    Well, luckly I forgot to set my spawn and got teleported back to sfrontier spawn, without knowing the place I died because the live map is still not generating the new land.

    :p, so sorry but no gifts today!
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  7. Hahahah, same thing happened to me last night, me and my horse were eaten by a creeper and skeleton. I think they set a trap :)
  8. Auto chicken cooker up and running!

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  9. Melon Farm

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  10. Storage room cleared... whew....

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  11. Updated post with a bit more info.
  12. Mayan Temple complete!
    Also known as best looking Iron Golem Farm, ever.

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  13. One more in dark

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  14. We so need something like this on smp3 :eek:

    or maybe there is one that nobody is telling me about.
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  15. Added Fountain to drop area
    Hey, a guy needs hobbies... it's an iron golem farm.

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  16. Tripple Cave Spider XP farm complete :)

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  17. Moved a new Autosmelter downstairs, little nicer than the last :)

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  18. Cleaned up stables a bit

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  19. For future note. Staff has access to death cords. If you die and nobody loads the chunk, your items will not despawn. Staff is willing to look up the cords for you,(if you ask nice) but can't go and get your things for you. There are also some approved minimap mods that save death locations if you don't want to have to find a staff member.

    I am a resident of smp4. I run a shop in town, so I would only visit, but this sounds like a really cool project, and glad to see so much growth in such a short time. Can someone please send me cords for the rail entrance?
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  20. Let me at!!!! I wana use dem farms
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