[Established] Frontier outpost: Skylandia

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    Welcome to the official SMP4 Skylandia outpost thread!





    1. Follow EMC rules
    2. Dont just build everywhere, first ask for permission
    3. Please dont be greedy, the farms for skylandia are ment for quick items in skylandia itsself, dont take them home please.
    4. If your EMC status goes on derelict, your plot on skylandia goes on derelict too. If you are planning to be away for more than 30 days, please tell a (co-)owner
    5. Respect others and dont swear.
    6. Dont grief or steal
    7. If something is broke, please message the one who made it or an owner. If it is redstone I (haastregt) am a good choice :p
    8. If you made a creeper explode, please fix the hole. If a building is damaged please message the owner of it. You could try fix it if it is an easy fix, but with mayor injury of a highly detailed build it might be better to just leave it and place a sign ;)

    We are mostly searching for experienced builers and/or redstone people. We used to have a free-joining method, but we want people that really need a place in frontier and would like to be active here. So please contact Me (haastregt) AWW1010 and Oly_007 to a conversation with the following things if you want to join:
    1. What is your Minecraft-Name?
    2. How long have you been playing minecraft?
    3. A couple examples of your builds
    4. Why do you want to join an outpost?
    5. How much time are you thinking about spending in skylandia a week?
    We try to handle these as quick as possible :)

    Jobs and points

    We dont really use a job and system. But... when you do something that helps skylandia alot, you can get points awarded. With these points you can do some awesome things:
    -Get a own piece of land nearby where you can buid
    -100x100 32 points
    -200x200 64 points
    -get your plot/place connected to underground railline 8 points
    There might get more things to buy with coins :p
    Keep track of the job points you have yourself!

    Ranks and Perks

    Just like the Jobs, we dont like Ranks and perks. We just like everyone to be free in what they want to do, but some rules and restrictions are needed to keep skylandia clean.

    Also, please tell an owner before claiming a plot/place to build, and makes sure you light up your place! Thats all I think, other info is listed down here.

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  2. Work that needs to be done

    -=+ Needs update, so I just put a little placeholder lol +=-

    Farming resources is always appreciated. Besides that, we love to see new kinds of farms/improved farms around!
    Clearing up junk like abandoned chests, random blocks, creeper explosions or maybe even messy places on the road helps alot too! Watch out though, somebody might still be working on something but not have found the time yet to fix something, so dont go too crazy on this.

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  3. Member List

    -=+ OUTDATED! +=-

    -AWW1010 [Owner][Project manager]
    -Oliverbenji [Owner][Survival manager]
    -Haastregt [Co-Owner][Community manager][Lead Redstone]
    -ydnarwoodard [Normal Guy rank]
    -cloudsinthesky [Cool Guy rank]
    -tehrandomX [Normal Guy Rank]
    -Darkblackhorse [Normal Guy Rank]
    -LEORYAN10 [Normal Guy Rank]
    -Jake81201 [Normal Guy Rank]
    -Laurenseattle [Normal Guy Rank]
    Inactive members

    You can PM an owner if you want to claim a profession or title, but you have to earn it, we will check if you are worth it.
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  4. Reserved
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  5. Wow, looks like much thought went into this! :)
  6. I think I just had nothing to do :p
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  7. on which server is on?
  8. smp4, sorry Ill include it now :p
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  9. Hello if anyone is interested please contact me or has in game or fill in our form!

    Regards AWW1010
  10. 1. What is your Minecraft-Name? JeffreyLi2003
    2. How long have you been playing minecraft? 3 years
    3. How long have you been playing on EMC? 1 1/2 years.
    4. Have you ever been banned and for what reason I have not been ban on any server,(except a server that was changing its IP and ban everyone from its oldserver.)
    5. What do you like to do in mineraft? I like to explore land go mining and fight mobs.
    6. Why do you want to join an outpost? To make EMC more fun.
    8. Will you follow our and EMC's rules? Yep i will follow both EMC rules and skylandia's rules.
  11. Oh sorry ignore me I had so much lag I couldn't reply properly sorry!
  12. Jeffreyli2003 we might need to arrange a meeting date for when u can visit skylandia but I will have to agree with haastregt first
  13. Just fill in the form here, you will be invitd to a private chat where you have the instructions about how to get there
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  14. Hey neighbors, I'm owner of Regen 6k away. You seem like great peeps. I'd love to stop by and bring a house warming gift. Any resources in particular you could use?
  15. No not really we a little short on redstone but nothing else and thank u so much, feel free to look around there isn't that much to see but we're a little growing civilisation!
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  16. -AWW1010(Owner and original founder)

    Me and AWW1010 thought of skylandia. We are both the owners and founders
    Not just AWW1010
  17. I will start to make something like this in the mine area

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  18. More pictures of what the quarry might look like
  19. Here's the top
  20. I am the original founder I thought of the hole sklandia and I included you oliver so u are not an original founder