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  1. Hey guys,

    I've decided to start a series on the custom mobs and items on EMC and started with the Enraged Skeletons. Thanks to the members on SMP9 earlier for helping me film this. Let me know if you like the format. I'll be randomly showing up on other servers to ask for help when I film future ones, so keep a look out. :)


    Hey guys. I've created a blog (and will make one for each we do) discussing the Enraged Skeleton with the video. Now, I'm not 100% sure, but I BELIEVE the more 'subscribers' I get and the more 'Diamonds' you give the blog exposes it to more people on PlanetMinecraft. So, if you have a PMC account, please click the following link below and do those two things. Thanks a lot!

  2. Also Mr. JackBiggin, put this in the wiki and make it look pretty, plox. kthx.
  3. First! I was there :D
  4. Second. I wish aikar would have machine gun kelly's in game.
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  5. This I hope will get us more members. Thanks IceCreamCow!
  6. Wow my friends and I are making videos like this for all of the EMC only stuff. I guess we will not have to make this one. XD
  7. I find the lack of visuals that link to EMC disturbing. You can atleast attach a nice button in one of the corners that directly links to empireminecraft.com!

    Besides that, very nice video, well done :)
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  8. =D i was in it!
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  9. I can't link to direct websites from video's unfortunately, it's why I have it as a link in the description though. :)
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  10. Yes make it I would like to see member made one :)
  11. Wewt! New ways to get members! :D Once I get my Let's Play group running, I'll be sure to feature EMC! :)
  12. IcC's voice is like the Morgan Freeman of cows.
  13. Right now we are working on a new video ad since the "No more Lonely MC Day's" is way out dated. If you know of any free video editing software that would help us alot
  14. As in recording or editing?
  15. editing
  16. Cool, will help some new members know what different things are great job :)
  17. What editing software is this?
  18. Awesome stuff! Drop by my base on SMP7 and I'm sure we can find a Momentus or a Marlix nearby. :)
  19. Theres me chilling with no gear and walking around haha
  20. Also guys. One of the best ways to help spreads this, is by interacting with the Youtube video itself (rather than commenting here). Every Like, Sub, and Comment to that video helps it gain exposure. Share it via twitter/facebook as well to people you know. The link I have on it to signup is a trackable bit.ly link, so I can keep track of how many people clicked the link from watching that specific video and can give us a better idea on how future ones can go.

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