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  1. I've been leaving Enderkittens on some folks' profiles, and decided I may as well make them a formal suggestion. Already sent in the form for it, but I'll repost here to see what you guys think.

    "Endercat / Enderkitten"

    Uses the black Cat model. Enderkittens can be found randomly in the End, are considered passive mobs, and behave mostly like ocelots. If a player attempts to strike them, or approaches too close too quickly and spooks them, they teleport a short distance away.

    Can be tamed by using COOKED fish (they're picky), and have purple names instead of white.
  2. So this is why you posted it on my profile... :rolleyes:

    I don't have too much to say, apart from the fact that this is a fairly interesting idea :p Watching the thread, I'll see how this turns out :D
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  3. That would be an interesting addition

    Interesting ninja
  4. Kitties! Of course I'd be all for it :3
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  5. Anything that the wild Keph suggests is automatically in my interest. This sounds interesting.
  6. That was the first thing I did. ;) See OP.
    The End is kind of a desolate, empty void. Seems to me it could use a passive mob or two to help it feel more... interesting. :D
  7. I personally don't like the idea much. It doesn't add anything that's of any use. Minecraft 1.9 will fill that void we call the "end", soon enough ;)
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  8. This server needs this.
  9. +1
    I love this idea! I'd like to see the particle affect around it too.
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  10. That was my thinking as well when I saw this. It would be interesting if the cat was a somewhat rare spawn, so that actually possessing one would be special.
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  11. i like! but i also think that a little hostility could be fun too. maybe make it attack u a bit if u feed it normal fish?
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  12. Pepe approves.
  13. I didn't like this idea at first, so I was gathering how out of place it would be in the end.

    When I placed them in the End, it looked awesome. I do think this should be delayed until 1.9.

    I am just confused about spawning. Will there just be random cats or will they spawn with a structure? Random cats in the end is a bit weird. I don't know what structures could be made for the cats anyway.
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  14. Now I envision Pirate Endermen aboard their floating ships, with cats instead of parrots for companions.

    Void Pirate Enderkittens. Muahahaha.
  15. They'd be wither skeletons or something, that sounds both hilarious and awesome.
  16. Ooh, this idea is getting better and better...
  17. First! I so love the idea of an enderkitten. tee hee I already have one that lives in my 'home' ~ Thank you Kephras.
    Second! Wait.. I already love this idea... oh! The purple effects as mentioned above and a few others too would be sweet.
    :cool: --> chickeneer.. we soooo need this.
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