End world temporarily disabled on all servers

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  1. Ahh I know how it happened. Its really similar to another glitch (that doesn't work anymore apparently cause bukkit fixed it). But I wont mention what it was just in case it still works. So they obviously thought maybe it would work with the end portal and did it with someone else.

    And others beat me to the explanation and stated it outloud for others to see when it could still work. :p
  2. Because they want other people to think they got all their stuff in a legit manner, and if that's the case, and its a super valuable item, people will think they are awesome/they could sell it at discounted prices to become rich
  3. Also will the end be enabled again? soon or is there an alternative way to get to the end for example the command?
  4. So that's how Dark_Beta and a few others were selling all those cheap diamonds... and they wouldn't explain why.
  5. Wow! Who thinks of going though a portal using flowing water in the first place? LOL
    I think some players view these glitches as nothing more then finding a games Easter Egg. Seeing it more like a game challenge, then breaking the rules. It's too bad that this had to happen for some players to learn the difference.
  6. there actually was a dup. glitch for this same concept on nether portals, but it was obviously patched by Mojang, or the pure awesome of Justin
  7. I actualy met Dark_Beta in The End once. We said hello and small talked for a bit, until she started givin' me diamonds for no reason at all. I thought she was just bein' nice by doing that, I had no idea about the glitch until now. :I
  8. It probably will not be enabled again for a week or so. The bug is deep in Minecraft and I haven't found a good workaround yet.
  9. sagem4tt we have the same skin :D
  10. maybe when 1.2 is out it will be fixed :)
  11. I went to the end in single player and a swarm of ender dragons fought me
  12. do you just see who went to the end and just ban them?
  13. Like others have said, you can just replace End Portals with a "/end" command, then I guess some SStaff could go and break every End Portal (if you can't break them on your own with something clever, that is.) to prevent it. Endstone is overhyped, anyway, and there really isn't a use for Ender Pearls now that the challenge of fighting the Ender Dragon has been removed.
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  14. I went to the wild once...it was all wild and stuff...
  15. Im just happy u can track these exploitera and it turns to a perma ban not a temp ban. Temp bans just tell the next person that they get 1 free chance to get caught lol
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  16. Wow, this glitch better be patched soon ;) i feel like going on some crap server like battlecraft and duping lots of diamonds and crash their market ^_^
  17. Dark_Beta got banned D: Why would they do that? I didn't think they'd resort to cheating :(
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  18. XD i wondered why The Portal On SMP2 was not working
    and when is the wild or the end getting reset or will its ever be reset???
  19. Doesnt matter who they are they can still cheat and it would be the same for example if R0bbiejo cheated
  20. Well.. the price of diamonds might go up a bit... more incentive to mine :)