End world temporarily disabled on all servers

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  1. Hello EMC. This afternoon I temporarily disabled "The End" world on all servers. This is because of a duplication glitch involving end portals that some chose to exploit. A few have already been banned (including two Diamond supporters) and I am doing a large search on all logs this afternoon, and I promise you any one else will be banned. We will not tolerate this on EMC.
  2. :O
    Actually, it's epic how people thinks that supporters are NOT griefers, NOT cheaters, NOT spammers and etc...
    The thruth is that supporters are just members who CAN donate.
    (i wont say want because i know everyone wants to donate, some people just don't have a way to make that *Like me* because of paypal system) *yeah im 16 so i dont have credit card and no, my parents wont help me out*
  3. Can we get an outline of what's actually happened as long as it doesn't compromise any still open glitches?
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  4. Ahh... I know what you're talking about! Glad I reported it when it happened to me..... well... actually, I've never even SEEN the End world or its portals, so maybe that wasnt what happened to me.
  5. That's interesting... Sometimes I just wonder how people FIND these glitches. But I'm glad there is justice
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  6. I've always wondered how some people do stumble onto these glitches.I've seen glitches in games that require complex instructions that it leaves me sitting there thinking "how in the world did they know doing this combination of things would produce said result?"
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  7. Haha no this was different than that :)
  8. Wow.. Any hint as to what the exploit was?
  9. When are the servers getting back online?
  10. Basically you have a workbench open, with items in it while a stream of water pushed you through the end portal. The result is duplicated items on both sides. The good news is that we keep very detailed entity logs, and this happened to produce an entity error, so we have no problem tracking down the players who used it.
  11. They were just restarted, all servers are online.
  12. I could see how that glitch could happen by mistake...........................................................:rolleyes:
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  13. Hey hey hey, I didnt FIND whatever happened to me, it found ME! :p I have absolutely NO idea what happened with my character, but I ended up staying off the server for the whole day waiting for it be addressed... I was very sad. Believe me, I have absolutely no idea how it happened to me. Even though Justin said it wasnt the same as what he is talking about, I feel I should point that out. Cheaters are a HUGE pet peeve of mine! <did I spell that right?
  14. Wow. Seriously who thinks of these things?..
  15. People who want to cheat think of them, you know, so they can cheat
  16. Yeah but if you want to cheat that bad why not just go play on creative on your own?
  17. what about nether portal?
  18. Shame i intended on going to the end to get some end stone and farm exp of the endermen could you not replace the portals with /end but making this would reduce the price of endstone in the economy :L so many problems
  19. i only thought it work on singleplayer with netherportals ^^
  20. There is a dup glitch with nether portals but it doesnt work on smp on single player involves the same thing open work bench and going through the portal in water