End world temporarily disabled on all servers

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. I thought you were also Gamekribjeremy? You,ve been on 166 days. Now banned?
  2. Its a bukkit fix - not a MC fix.
  3. Not sure if bukkit ever fixed it, but I had fixed it when it effected us :)
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  4. So does water flow through end portals? Or does it just stop at the edge? Don't activated portal frame blocks stop water from entering the block above them? I'm confuzzled!
  5. if you click the dontate link in the bottom corner there is a button that says "dont have paypal?" try that! (p.s. my isg still doesnt work....)
  6. This should be a sign to all member of EMC to realize no matter what your doing wrong, you are eventually going to be caught. Luckly we have a brilliant programmer, Justin, who has found who these hackers are and got rid of them. Being a massive server this is it is hard to catch every offender, but I know that the life of said criminal will be short lived. Don't cheat, obey the rules and have fun! It is extremely hard to find a server this well put together, so lets all enjoy a legit server and not cheat!:)
  7. Please don't put players names in public. If you have proof please submit it to an admin or mod. - Jeremy
  8. Wow! Disappointed! Diamond Supporters! Wow, if I found a exploit such as this I would report it to JustinGuy as soon as possible!

    P.S. How did you find out there was a "dupe" glitch? Have people spread the word too much?
  9. Also, the correct way to name names is in a private message to a mod. If it were my server I might consider banning someone who publicly accuses someone else by name, as a violation of the rule prohibiting rudeness (or I'd add another category to rule #6--the one about being respectful of others).
  10. Yeah, specially if he has no prooves or fundaments for it.
    Saying "he was" will only atrack bad eyes to the person, who maybe never did nothing wrong.
  11. I think the diamonds should be taken away from people who were thrown free diamonds, can you track that Justin? (Diamonds being thrown on ground)
  12. WTB Likex20 button
  13. I've seen that, but only with a Nether portal on SSP.
  14. Im one of the others and for our sake.We did not do the duplication glitch. I'm too scared to go to the END. We bought it from a well known person. JustinGuy you will see a big purchase of Stacks of DIamonds on my log.
  15. Lol did she really.She is making it look bad for herself.My correction> I have never gone to the END.maybe she has
  16. Guys guys.... It DID work with the nether portal! But Justin used his godly coding powers and he made it work ( from what I believe ) because it basically doesn't work in multiplayer only single from what I know! Don't quote my words this may be false!
  17. Did she really. If she did I will tel JustinGuy the whole story as i was in that story!!!!
  18. Justin We did not cheat.I will tell you the story if you reply.
  19. I do not know how to cheat!!!