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  1. Imagine Cha Cha Smooth playing as the intro and then fading as Deadmon introduces the guest
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  2. Perhaps if pancakemon5 wasn't dropping a diss track on me, he could kindly ask his music producer friend to make him an intro and an outro tune :) I guess we'll see if I'm feeling nice after he loses

    Glad to hear you all enjoyed the podcast though!
  3. Maybe 607 could write an original intro!
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  4. I was listening to this while reading the updates done to MC and the server lately. I enjoyed it!
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  5. =D love it!
  6. Good news everybody! Episode 2 of the Empire Podcast is now here! The guest for this episode was ElfinPineapple and a lot of cool things were talked about. Check it out here:

    While we still have no set release schedule, expect plenty more to come from the Empire Podcast series!
  7. Yay!
    I'm looking forward to listening to it. :D My study association's started a podcast too, though, and I was already listening to (old episodes of) a podcast... meanwhile, I am trying to reduce on visual and auditive stimuli. :D (which I have been intending to create a thread about for a while, but I'm too busy :p)
    I'll comment when I listen to it! ElfinPineapple is someone I do not know a lot about, so this is hopefully going to be interesting!
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  8. I gave both episodes a listen. The questions were interesting as well as the answers given, it was very enjoyable to hear their own personal experiences, their stories (the misterious hole in the mountain was funny) and basically their perspective about EMC through the years. I wonder who will be the next guest. Great job guys! :)
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  9. I always look forward to these! Awesome work!
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  10. I've had a chance to listen to both now and enjoyed them both. Nice work deadmon! =D
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  11. Great interview Thanks!
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  12. Hey, this got frontpaged again!
    It's interesting to see the influx of new comments after a frontpage. :D I personally never check it. :p
    I finished episode 2 today, and I've got to say I was not expecting such profound lessons in it! :eek:
    Elfin's probably right, though... I've often said that I've learnt a lot of my English skills here, but I've also learnt a lot of my people skills here! It's also very educational to come into contact with people from other countries and people with other levels of education.
    I like the questions you ask! Still no intro or outro music, though. :p
    I'm most looking forward to Moople and Rhy on the podcast, I think! It could also be really interesting to get a member that's not active anymore, perhaps, like hoi or Tazri (if those names don't sound familiar, look them up on namemc). Some of the questions you ask might not make sense for them, but it would be nice to hear how they are doing now, what interests or careers they are pursuing, and what memories they have of EMC. :)
  13. You should do Moople next!!!!!!!!
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  14. Can we expect a new episode? It's been a while!
  15. You should be able to expect one sometime this month!
  16. Yay! :D
  17. The Empire Podcast returns featuring the legend himself, jewel_king!

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  18. I really need to work on saying "umm" less :rolleyes:
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