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  1. The Empire Podcast is Back!

    Hello endearing members of EMC. The Stream Team is proud to present you with our latest project: the Empire Podcast! A new show where yours truly sits down with various members of our community in an effort to know them a little bit better. All episodes will debut on the Stream Team YouTube channel, which you can find linked here:

    The guest of our newest episode is none other than ElfinPineapple!

    If you have any topics that you would like to see discussed, or any other suggestions in general, feel free to let me know! We hope you enjoy the new show!

  2. I'm loving the podcast so far! I can't wait to see what other people you bring to the show!
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  3. This is so cool!! :D I'll have to listen to this later today!
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  4. This is really cool to see EMC's first ever podcast in motion.
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  5. I enjoyed listenting to this well done
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  6. Almost done listening. You guys can totally just call me "chicken" though :)
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  7. It’s good to hear about the history of emc I’m hoping to hear more in the future. :D
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  8. I just noticed "Red Krysyy Head" in the title, guess I know what I'm doing for the next 50 minutes

    (Will edit the post with the timestamp when I get there)
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  9. Please make this a weekly thing!
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  10. Due to the nature of everyones schedules these will not have a set release date going forward. However I do have several in the works and will release them semi regularly :)
  11. This seems like quite the ambitious idea, but that's no reason to be immediately sceptical about it, I suppose! You do have some experience under your belt. :) I will listen to this first episode and give my thoughts!
  12. Very well done. I enjoyed listening to both of you.
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  13. Very well done, enjoyed listening! Keep it up
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  14. Omg, Krysyy played Skyrim!!!!!!!!!!!
    Guess that makes her even more awesome!
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  15. Skyrim never dies they’ve rereleased it so many times it seems like they haven’t started on a new elder scrolls
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  16. I found my old shirt that said "I have a life. It's just meaningless without Skyrim"
  17. Haha I know that, I think, is it possible? Also, thx for replying, I feel a little less meaningless now :D.
  18. ... the timestamp is actually in the video (and when you're on mobile, in the description).

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  19. I haven't finished it yet, but I can already say that I'm positively impressed! It's better than I expected. :) Pretty good questions, and pretty good interaction too. My main point of feedback for now is that sometimes you, deadmon, skip words in your sentences, or say them under your breath, which can make it hard to follow. This is probably because you tend to repeat the same phrases over and over and when you recognise this decide to skip it... the only solution for that I can think of is getting to know more phrases... but that's probably a long-term project. :p (most easily done by listening to other people (not just one person a lot, but lots of different people) and reading novels, probably). But in some cases I think it's better to just say the same phrase once more than to start it and then skip the rest, because I think that's confusing.
    I love that I'm actually learning new stuff through this, it's very interesting! :) I didn't know or at least did not remember that ignoramoose actually searched for EMC for Krysyy, I thought he was already playing on it. :)
    Turns out this is quite an old interview. :p
    I'm looking forward to seeing what other guests you will get! This is a good guest to begin with, I think, because Krysyy is both iconic and has a lot of knowledge, but I hope there will be a good mix of players, and it will not all be senior staff members. ;) Although I do suppose you have to gauge whether certain players will make for an entertaining or interesting interview, or at least speak fluent English. :p
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  20. I think you could use an intro and outro tune. :) (I'm imagining a pretty short tune for both, the outro tune calling back on the intro tune but having a different beginning and ending; the intro wouldn't have an ending at all, it would fade out as the guest starts speaking)
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