Empire Minecraft now owned by Starlis LLC

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  1. Greetings everyone.

    Some may have noticed the logo in the bottom left has changed away from Kalland Labs and is now Starlis LLC.

    JustinGuy has sadly decided he no longer has the time to operate Empire Minecraft due to his own personal obligations.

    So to keep Empire Minecraft going, I have taken over as the legal owner of Empire Minecraft and will continue running EMC just as it has the past year.

    I am very grateful to Justin for building Empire Minecraft to what it is today, and for giving me the opportunity to continue this great community!

    To current supporters: The paypal email address will soon change from payments@kallandlabs.com to payments@empireminecraft.com - If someone besides your self pays for your supporter, please let them know. I am intending to do an email campaign to all active supporters informing of this change before it switches also. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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  2. Congrats!
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  3. Wow! Good for you! Congratulations!
  4. Congrats
    Edit: Third!!!
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  5. Aw, I hope Justin still has time to come at see us all here at least for a little while :c

    Congrats on taking over the site!
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  6. As I said in the other thread
  7. congratulations :)
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  8. The question though is weather JustinGuy will still be allowed to come on and visit from time to time. :O
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  9. gratz Aikar! :D
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  10. Of course, he'd never be banned from EMC. It's simply Justin could not put forth the time needed for EMC. They agreed after much talk between emails on what to do, that this was the best solution.
  11. Congrats Aikar.
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  12. Why wouldn't he be allowed? :) Justin is not being 'removed'. He chose to drop out as he does not have the time to manage all the business related aspects of managing a server.

    As said to other reply, Justin is encouraged to play still, but it's fully up to him to do so when he has the time. He will retain permanent supporter status.
  13. Aw sad to see Justin leave even though I don't know him, but Congratulations Aikar :D
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  14. I have no doubt you will bring emc back to it's former glory. Long live the king!
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  15. Again to re-iterate - Nothing much has changed for how it affects you, the community.

    Essentially, its me taking on even more responsibility to manage all the aspects of the business such as paying the bills, maintaining the servers, monitoring the services, upgrading hardware, advertising, promotions, marketing, etc.

    All of this means is simply: EMC is ready to grow!
  16. Is it stupid that I never payed attention that there was a logo in the bottom left corner? xD
  17. Congrats :)
    Also, if you need any help with marketing let me know, I'll be happy to support you guys with what I know the most and my passion (Online Marketing). Obviously, no payment needed, consider it as my support to this community :D

    Any day or night, shoot me an email at andres.cajiao@industriasvyp.com and I'll help you out ;)
    I just sent you an invitation to connect, Aikar, on LinkedIn btw.
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  18. Its sad to see the change, but it would be even sadder to see this wonderful place be shut down.

    I have a request. Could the SMP1 graveyard's main building be turned into a sort of honorary "monument" to Justin, and explain his contribution/history to EMC? Not as a "hes gone forever" thing, but just a historical attraction in a way.
  19. Dat Starlis logo. Congrats, Aikar! :)
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