Empire Minecraft News: July 2015

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  1. Wow, more than half the year gone already....crazy right? Sorry for the delay on this, but between residence creation and making sure a lot of things were done BEFORE this was created, I realized I actually had to sleep and go to work like a normal person. =P

    Referral Contest Winners: July 2015
    Most clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness):
    1st: Nccoryg
    2nd: OmegadustMC
    3rd: FlevasGR

    Most referrals (receive Supporter Vouchers and 20k rupees for every 5 players referred):
    1st: salesman200
    2nd: FDNY21
    3rd: OmegadustMC

    New Staff Out of Training

    Please welcome the following players to the official staff team. Their extended training is complete, so feel free to torture ask for anything:


    As always, if you think you'd make a good staff member, please apply at staffapp.emc.gs

    The Town Expansion: Complete

    From July 1st to July 6th at roughly 10 pm EMC time, the cranes, bulldozers, etc were removed from the server and in their place appeared official EMC residences, free to claim =)

    This should help alleviate some issues with players not being able to find a new plot without needing to forceclaim. The price of residence moves has increased back to its normal price.

    PvP Arenas Mini-Update

    Last night, the PvP arenas were slightly modified. 2 of the top arenas were moved down to the fair play level and new ones appeared in their place. In addition, there is now an easy to see teleport to get downstairs as well as more convenient stairways.

    A week or so ago, a hologram was added to the blue pvp arena that reminded the community the PvP floor is not meant for fishing. If you want to fish, we ask that you visit /park on smp2.

    In addition, a magical (and invisible) stairway to heaven appeared one night. No one knows how it got there, but the climb is worth it to the parkour/maze lover.

    Chat Rules Mini-Update

    The chat rules received some very needed clarifications, per the community's request. Some of the major things to keep in mind:
    • UNSOLICITED auction threads/shop adverts are limited to once per 3 hours per server. Following same bumping rules as forums and must remain in economy chat. Unless someone is asking where they can buy/sell something, etc you should not be spamming auction adverts.
    • Excessive character limit = 10 characters
    • Non-economy related messages that are exact (or very similar) should only be posted once every 10 minutes at an absolute MAXIMUM. This means things like asking for people to come to your res for events, etc.
    Mob Arena Mini-Update

    The Mob Arena now has shops. Sorry for the delay on this, we honestly forgot...

    In addition, we added some very CLEAR holograms at the entrance to the fight floor that should hopefully prevent player arguments.

    Wiki Updates: Flags and Ranks

    Some links that have received updates:
    The flags page has been split in two! Now players shouldn't get too confused when looking at it for the first time. If someone asks you how to set flags on a residence, I advise you give them the appropriate link so that they can learn.

    Ranks are now on the wiki, including Trophy Points.

    Aikar has added a system where if a player is permanently banned from EMC and does not appeal within 30 days, their residence will be deleted. Note that we did this manually in the past, but now it is automatic.

    Secret Garden Build Contest and Wallpaper Contest Results In-Progress
    You guys/gals are AWESOME! We had more than 50 garden entries and almost 20 wallpapers submitted. However, this also means it takes more time to look through.

    I'll make a thread when they are complete.

    Community Appreciation Awards: January 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015


    Nominate someone who you think deserves to win at nominate.emc.gs. A random nominator gets 10k rupees.

    ICC Tribute Build Contest: August 11th Deadline


    Still going guys/gals. We only have 5 players' entries in.
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