Empire Minecraft News: January 2016

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  1. This is going to be more of a mini-news than my typical page-long ramblings, but I wanted to at least get out something for the January month. I didn't quite expect February to sneak up so fast...:oops:

    Referral Contest Winners: December
    Prizes will be mailed out before this weekend. Note: Our go-to place for referrals recently changed their allowance of our banners/posts due to an overall change in their infrastructure.

    As a result, I am currently looking into alternates. Until I find a good go-to location, a great thing to do is simply share the news of EMC on Facebook, Twitter, etc to friends/family. It's amazing how far one post can travel.

    Most Clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness)
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: FDNY21
    3rd: Luckypat

    Most referrals (Receive Supporter Vouchers)
    3 way tie. All get gold:
    FDNY21, Olaf_C, and Se7enth_Sli7er

    Star Wars Build Contest
    Real life affects everyone at least one time in their time while playing Minecraft. My real life crisis has been the last few weeks so unfortunately, I've had no time to get with my judges and go over these. Don't worry though. Everything seems to have sorted itself mostly out and the results will definitely be included in the February newsletter or before.

    Depends on if life is done messing with me...

    Survey Results!
    The 2015 Year in Review Survey Results are up for review. Thanks for everyone that put in their forms and helped to let us see parts of EMC where we can better ourselves. Here's to the rest of 2016 with the best community ever!

    See more: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-survey-results-2015.61381/

    Auctionable Item Changes
    Please review the new auctionable items and reverse auctionable items lists. They have been updated with some changes, after a thorough analysis of limitations we needed to put into place/remove.

    Read here:

    One BIG change regards the auctions of any promo/special event items while that event is currently running. These auctions and reverse auctions will no longer be allowed. This is due to a few reasons such as spamming the forums right after the release of a promo, constant issues with auction bump rules not being followed at that time in order to follow fast changing prices, as well as repetitive instances where the bidder was not aware the promo was currently running at all.

    As a good result of this change, a lot of the event items will be available for auctioning in smaller quantities when the event is not active. This should help alleviate some concerns we've had on both sides with these special mob drops in particular.

    Storage Banks and Loans Policy Changes
    It has long been established that player loans as well as storage, banks, etc were not allowed on the Empire. While that policy has served us well for years, it also has led to issues defining in particular the gray areas that result and has long been an area of contention between policy and actuality.

    As a result, our official policy has changed with the new year. While these are still a big source of potential scam, they are no longer banned from occurring by our policy. HOWEVER, participating with any of these situations is done AT YOUR OWN RISK and Staff will not get involved, regardless of evidence of 'contracts' etc that you have signed with other players.

    If the player you are storing your items with or loaning items/rupees to gets banned or won't pay back, Staff will NOT replace/retrieve the items in question. Please treat these deals with extreme caution.

    Complete details found on the official rule addendum:

    Firefloor with Krysyy
    As discussed in the voting thread, the love of FireFloor is vast. Due to this, we want to give those that don't always get to play, the opportunity to participate. You voted and I used those results to determine timing. We will be ALTERNATING between Saturdays at 1 pm and Saturdays at 8 pm. HOWEVER, this will only occur when Krysyy is available to host the event, due to her sporadic schedule with the upcoming wedding to ignoramoose. Watch for this banner being on the front page and in-game announcements to know when it's happening (artist: AlexChance).

    That's all for now! See you in February!
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