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  1. Alright! Thanks for the updates Krysyy!
  2. I'd prefer to stick to a clear ruling. With this you create the possibility that a case would be investigated, which means I would need to collect logs and evidence in case action was brought against me. More clear is to say that the case will not be investigated regardless of the evidence presented.

    This is more consistent with similar rules, such as "an item on the ground can be taken by anyone". Because this is a "never enforce" instead of "sometimes enforce" I don't need to worry when I run through someone's residence and pick up stacks of iron blocks that they are trading to another player. I can safely vault them and walk away.
  3. Hence the 'something is really off' comment.

    Were you to have people give you perms then steal all their stuff, then repeat again and again, eventually we're going to notice that pattern and you WILL get in trouble, even though we don't moderate that usually because perms are a 'at your own risk' situation. If we notice and the logs support cause for punishment, you will be punished. You won't have to collect any logs if you don't purposefully scam others.
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  4. You'll still be a jerk tho
  5. It's one thing to say an offense will not be enforced, and another to say that it will be enforced only in extreme situations.

    I've seen the res perm example happen many times and I have sadly told players that there is nothing to be done. It seems I've been giving bad advice. What I should have told them was to report loudly so moderators will investigate if there is a pattern.

    I'm already a jerk. This makes me a jerk with a stack of iron blocks.

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  6. Complete abuse of a situation will not go ignored EVER. If you are repetitively scamming people through the allowance of such loans, then we WILL take action. We cannot turn a complete blind eye if there is someone with PROOF that it is happening with malicious intent. Loans can and will be taken away again if there is enough cause. But if this happens, any and all item loans, etc will be completely removed as well.

    We are trying to be nice by allowing the players access to something that they like and not saying no to everything on them. We have to draw a line, but we will move that line if necessary.
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