EMC Survey Results 2015

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  1. It's almost the end of January and it seems 2016 is already well on its way. The results are in from the 2015 EMC Community Survey and are posted in graphic form below. Overall the results have shown us that we continue to excel, but that there is always work to be done and we'll be putting our best foot forward with 2016 with some changes here and there, announced soon.

    Event rankings are stated out of a possible 5.

    Personal note: Sorry for the delay on this. Sometimes real life comes along and knocks you on your butt. I've learned that what matters most is that you dust yourself off and get back up, so here I am doing just that. Thanks for being patient with me =)

  2. Score! Spreadsheets ftw!
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  3. Whoohoo!
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  4. Rankings are all very impressing! =)
  5. Am I the only one who was surprised by the event rankings?
  6. Woah. Cool =P
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  7. Nope. I expected:
    1. Group Mining
    2. Mob Arena
    3. Mob Arena - No Items
    4. Firefloor
    5. Spleef
    6. Trivia
    7. Tree Choppers
    8. Something Fishy
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  8. Sweet! I feel accomplished here, most players feel we're fair, helpful, etc. Thank you, EMC.
    *Humbly bows*
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  9. 8.1% is 41+
    45.4% is 13-17

    And yes, this is based off of those that completed the survey.
  10. Yes I actually retracted my statement after posting lol.
    ty Krysyy
  11. PuhLEEZ. Everyone loves firefloor my singing. ;)
  12. Friendliness is the highest! Sweet, glad to know people think we are a kind server. :)
  13. Cool! Glad to know that 45% of people are about my age.
  14. Some very impressing results! Also, some quite interesting ones... I didn't quite expect the event rankings to go like that either, but they are all quite close together!
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  15. Some overall impressive rankings! I'm especially glad to see that helpfulness and friendliness is rated so high ^_^
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  16. Hmm Quite Impressive Results here :D. Glad to see the Community Participation go to 7.9 :) Means that WE are Enjoying ourselves :D
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  17. Yaaaay! Statistics!!!!
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  18. I actually missed playing nether spleef. I haven't played it or heard anything about it since Liz was still on the staff team.
  19. More Spleef:rolleyes:

    Wow, friendliness is high! That's awesome :)