EMC Survey Results 2015

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  1. Great results, and lets aim for making 2016 even better!

    'Younger ones' wasnt quite the nickname I would have expected.....
  2. The event rankings came out strange. Why does no one like the no item rounds? Or did the diamond gapplers all vote that? :p
    Cool to see 45% of the players that play on emc are in my age range. :)
  3. I'm very surprised at only 12.1% of players being under 13.. It's probably because most of them couldn't be bothered to take the survey, I was nearly positive more than half of EMC was under 13.'

    Event rankings also surprised me, expected mob arena and spleef to interchange at #1 and #2, definitely not firefloor in the top 3.

    Interesting results.
  4. Looking by the age im impressed! More adults than Children!
  5. It's all about numbers :)
  6. I'm surprised mob arena - no items is so low on the list....
  7. Actually more children, 13-17 is still a child :)
  8. See post #10 ;)

    EMC has the best community ever. I have been around awhile, and you all make this place a lot of fun.
    Minecraft may have changed a little over time, but we still remain!
    Whether it is mining, running to the mob arena to have fun, wandering about and looking at all the builds, chatting a bit, slap fighting in PVP arena, official events, player events... etc...
    It is always so much fun playing with everyone.
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  9. Great results. Can't wait to see next years. ;)
  10. I agree Krysyy, Life can really kick your butt sometimes. :(
    Thank you, for everything you do with the Empire. :)