Empire Minecraft News: February 2015

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  1. Already a month into the year 2015 and it has been quite busy =)
    EMC Community Appreciation Award Nominations
    Link for more info: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-community-appreciation-awards-july-december-2014.46395/
    The nominations are in. During the beginning of February, the staff that are NOT nominated will be evaluating the choices to determine the winners. Look for results posted just after Valentine's Day.
    Do NOT question the staff about who made it to the final round. They are instructed not to tell you.

    JustinGuy Tribute Build Contest
    The contest is ending on February 14th, 2014. The build MUST be on Empire Minecraft. Get your builds in ASAP. There are 12 plots to fill and we want the best of the best occupying them to show appreciation for JustinGuy and his efforts.
    Submit your build: emc.gs/justinguybuild
    More info: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/build-contest-justinguy-tribute.44625/

    January 2015 Referral Winners
    Most Clicks: Receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness January 2015 Edition
    1st - OmegaDustMC
    2nd - LuckyPat
    3rd - salesman2001st

    Most Referrals: Receive Supporter Vouchers
    1st - LuckyPat
    2nd - FDNY21
    3rd - TIE between daniegirl2001 and ByronDavies

    Name Changing on the Empire
    Name changing is now available from Mojang. If you change your name, it will not show on the Empire Minecraft servers just yet. We have placed a block on the name changing until we can ensure that you will not lose any of your stuff. Some of your staff members will be changing their names, including myself. Just know that if someone appears in the staff colors, then don't freak out. Each staff member will publicly release their name change to minimize confusion.

    Senior Staff Changes
    Some of you may have noticed that we gained another Senior Staff (see giant banner on front page). B4DMAN5IMON has put forth incredible effort on the servers and is knowledgeable in areas of building, redstone, and some technical (not all) things. If you need help, shoot him a message and he will be able to assist you. If he breaks something, let me know and I'll fix it =P

    Chickeneer is still a Senior Staff member in-game. However, due to his recent focus more toward server development, we have adjusted his forum title to a nice minty 'Developer'. You can still ask him to help with Senior Staff services through pmss.emc.gs, but the other Senior Staff will be taking over as primary with Senior Staff requests.

    Team Leaders Assigned
    Build Team, Contributor Team, and YouTube Team will be having some changes occur. Each team has been assigned a Staff Member to be Team Leader that will work directly with the members to ensure that there is a constant flow of project development and release.

    Your Team Leads are as follows:
    Build Team - B4dMAN5IMON
    Contributor Team - ItsMeMatheus
    YouTube Team - AlexChance

    YouTuber Team and Some Video Releases
    If you have knowledge in the areas of video creation/editing, apply to be a member of the YouTube Team on Empire Minecraft. You will help make awesome videos to help players and showcase all that Empire Minecraft has to offer in a fun and engaging way. It is not necessary to have a YouTube channel in order to be a member. Empire Minecraft videos are hosted through the Empire Minecraft YouTube with credit to the creator if they so choose.

    Be sure to check out some new videos from your YouTube team.
    Empire Minecraft YouTube Link: yt.emc.gs
    EDIT: Videos reloaded to fix any issues and some more added. =)
  2. February Contest: Show Your Love!
    This month, everyone wins something.

    Post a screenshot of you and your love (animate or inanimate) on EMC to the thread posted along with a short message of WHY you love them/it.

    Every participant will be sent a Valentine's Day Treat on Valentines Day.
    One submission per account.

    10 random participants will receive something extra special to be released on Valentines Day.

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  8. Awesome news! Love the empire, and all the updates! :)
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