[BUILD CONTEST] JustinGuy Tribute

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  1. The Build Contest is ending on February 14th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EMC time (Valentine's Day).
    This is your reminder.
    This is a 3 month+ reminder that the JustinGuy Tribute Build Contest will be ending on February 14th, 2015. Many players complained about not having enough time/notifications the first go around, so the deadline was extended. I look forward to seeing your amazing entries!

    Fill out this form when you are ready: CLICK ME!

    Original Thread Info:
    Any questions? Just ask!
  2. Totes forgot about this xDDD
  3. You aren't the only one. Next time we'll just have to delay things like it a few months instead of wanting to preserve the whole 'Make JustinGuy EMC's Valentine' thing and postponing an entire year =P
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  4. I did not agree with the 1 year extension as I had forgotten about it for some time. It would have been good to get a bump in the thread even every month or so. Anyways, do we need to re send the entry? I sent one to Max a while back, not sure if you want to keep track of them all or not :)
  5. Resending it would be very helpful =) Edit: Fill out this form if you can: http://emc.gs/justinguybuild
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  6. Oh, I had already forgotten about this :p Doesn't matter though, because I wouldn't submit anything anyway.
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  7. I had forgotten about this! Thx for the remind kry. ;)
  8. Totally forgot about this. XD I'll resubmit, though I doubt I'll be accepted. B4DMAN5IMON made a version that's kinda like mine, but 9001% better. :p
  9. Same here, I don't think I ever had planned to actually build it but now I'm half Tempted, Probably still won't but you know... I never was a good builder in the first place...

    had to add this, The Betterness Is over 9000!!!
  10. Would be cool to have a certificate or something given to the ones who build. to get some more entries. :)
  11. While this would encourage entries, it would also encourage troll entries for the sole purpose of receiving the item. Your intentions are good, but it's not a good plan.
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  12. I mean the ones who are accepted to build, as like you said fake entries for it would be common.
  13. Ah, you mean winners...I think I can dream something up beyond having your build remain forever =)
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  14. In that case, time to improve my build. :p
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  15. I think a physical item would get more attention. Yes the build is "physical" but something some one can show off at their res or something along the lines of that.
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  16. You kind of messed up the reply, but I do agree.
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  17. bumpy for this :D

    3 more months! Plenty of time get cooking!

    And here's a little something for you Breaking Bad fans :3
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  18. Updated OP with google form to eliminate the common questions and bumped to front page.

    1.5 months to go guys!
  19. This isn't going to be the January contest is it?
  20. Good thing this was bumped, I completely forgot about it... Finished it and entered. :)