Empire Minecraft News: April 2015

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  1. Sorry for the delay everyone, between work and personal stuff this first week of April has been crazy!

    Referral Contest Winners for March
    Most clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness):
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: Luckypat
    3rd: Nccoryg

    Most referrals (receive Supporter Vouchers and 20k rupees for every 5 players referred):
    1st: FDNY21
    2nd: Olaf_C
    3rd: Luckypat and salesman200 (tie)

    Follow the Leprechaun Contest Results Pending
    The submissions are currently in the analysis stage. Expect winners to be announced just before April 20th. There weren't too many submissions this go around, so it might be sooner than that.

    New Moderators
    Let me officially welcome these amazing players to the Empire Minecraft Staff Team:
    -Dreacon78 (returning)

    Remember that we are never done looking and while we tend to add people in bunches, we have added people in singles before. If you are interested in being a moderator, fill out emc.gs/staffapp today!

    New Build Team Members
    First off, the Empire Staff would like to thank all of our Past Build Team members for their contributions. That being said, B4DMAN5IMON has shaken up the team quite a bit, but I can definitely say that the new builders are hard at work to make sure that the Empire sees some cool additions soon.
    If you are interested in becoming a Build team member, please message B4DMAN5IMON on the forums with a profile of your builds. It is imperative that, in addition to having the skills necessary, you be a good team player and be dedicated to project progress.


    Call for YouTubers!
    AlexChance wants YOU! Yes, you there. AlexChance, Youtube Team Lead, is looking to get some fresh blood behind the scenes. If you have interest in making/editing videos for the Empire to use in the Wiki, etc then please apply by sending in some examples of your work to AlexChance on the forums. It is not necessary for you to have a Youtube channel to be a part of the Empire YouTuber Team.

    2014 Survey Results
    So this is part of the reason the Newsletter was delayed (thanks Aikar for freezing my excel and making it break :confused:). Evidently, making charts with Microsoft Excel is a whole lot easier if you format the survey a certain way (that we didn't). Anywho, here are some pretty interesting results: http://imgur.com/a/64ECj#0

    April-May Contest Thread
  2. First?

    Edit - I may join the Youtube team soon...
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  3. How exactly did I get second most referrals? I have not been trying for 5 months
  4. Good question...residual ads?
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  5. Fourth?

    Edit: Congratz to new build team members and staff
  6. If I got second and have not posted on another forum for almost a half year, there is a bit of a problem. I feel like the contests are now under promoted, and need a slight refresh in advertising.
  7. Well you came 6th in clicks all from minecraftforums.net, so you must be popular over there. I know FDNY had the same issue when they stopped actively promoting.
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  8. Any 'new' build team members to be stated?
  9. #BlameSimon I told him to add his posse.
    I mean when he stopped actively trying, he was still winning because of old ads popping up.
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  10. Go go new staff !!
  11. ... I was going to campaign for stricter staff >_> I feel it has come to the point where a kick is the only form of comment that trouble players listen to. If they had more to fear, they would listen to staff straight off. More mutes, less kicks please. Especially for advertisers of all types, and rude players.
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  12. Lemme go find my data analysis glasses: will be back in here sometime tomorrow (my room is a mess :p)
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  13. Very interesting! I'm still debating applying for the YouTube team... but I don't really know what to send in as "some examples of your work."
  14. So tempting to apply :)
  15. What are the standards for the videos for the YouTube team? Is there anyone I can watch for an example? And It's 7am at peak EMC time. My prime time is 3am EMC time :(
    Also, THANK YOU, I love statistics!!!
  16. I like the poll. So most of us are East Coast, huh?
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  17. Well I have done some EMC videos, check my promotion video :)
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  19. Congratulations to all the new moderators and build team members ^_^

    I have to say, the survey results are pretty interesting too!
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  20. Welcome to all new team members and staff, and congratulations to all of those in the referral contests :)
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