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  1. Hey Community,

    As you all know we now have a blog that's been getting some traction. This post is more or less going to be a reference to our contribution team on some ideas on what they can blog about that you want to read.

    Give us things you'd like to see/read about related to EMC or just Minecraft in general. Be specific if you can. Instead of just saying 'tips and tricks' let us know WHAT kind of tips and tricks you'd like to see!

  2. The enderchest system. New players are always surprised by how it works, and they sometimes don't believe me that their items are safe. It's such a great feature! Thanks contribution team.
  3. First off, I'd like to say I've really enjoyed the blog so far. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

    What I would personally like to see more of is tutorials, tips and tricks. I love seeing how to make new things, see design tips and learn how to do new things. Maybe include EMC specific features like combat techniques for enraged or boss mobs or using the /stable system in the wild. Tossing in an occasional mincraft/EMC short story couldn't hurt either. :D
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  4. I really like bemvino's idea about posting various farm tutorial on the blog that are tested and work on EMC. He should do more of those.
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  5. Thats a good idea overall. An overall category for "Minecraft Basics for new players" (ie: new to the game, not EMC)

    Plenty of easy content to write on that.
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  6. If you gonna do that then cancel partnership with http://minecraftopia.com
  7. MCTopia i think is a leading referer to the server since were the only server advertised there with a large banner :p i dont think were going to go as in depth as they are.
  8. Plus, guides is not the same thing as a general minecraft information database...

    It's also out of date
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  9. I think some useful redsoone devices (more than farms) could be a good addition.
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  11. Well, I liked what I was seeing actually, just multiple people having random series of some sorts :)
  12. Too be honest, I would actually love to be able to see chosen players to be able to post there fun EMC video series on the blog, with youtube. It would be pretty awesome for every friday to be ANXIOUS to check the blog for your weekly installment. :p
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  13. Politics and economics in Minecraft. Monetary systems, the market, staff intervention in the market, server GDP, democracy vs. dictatorship, the difficulties of Minecraft democracies (case study: the New Republic) and anarchies (case study: the Last Light Outpost)
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  14. Nothing 72volt said.
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  15. On this day in history... (minecraft history)

    I think it's interesting and sometimes useful to know the history of EMC. When were each server added, when was the last frontier reset, why we don't do that anymore. When the wastelands got introduced. How fast the community has grown and milestones for membership, which relates back to special promo items. Special events and who and when things like the graveyard and park and mobarena and firefloor were introduced.

    EMC has grown so much, so fast, that I can hardly recall many things and it's just fun (for some of us). I realized a couple weeks ago that 'stage' is the old wilderness world b4 the last reset. I had so many portals and secret bases.:D

    I envision the old scratchy black and white movie reels that have world news clips and commentary. Maybe no one would ever work that hard for it, but it's very cool in my head.:rolleyes:
  16. Definitely! I love to see small, simple how-to designs and design tips, and if there's a Minecraft trick, whether in redstone, building, or just plain survival, I guarantee that I would want to see it!

    I also agree with just_five_fun. I'd love to see an EMC history category!
  17. How amazing and glorious potatoes are.

    Oh and also probably some tips and tricks to do with EMC updates which may or may not be there already. (Such as how to fight off the zombie plague! (Is that still going on?) )
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  18. Personally, I like seeing my own accomplishments for the server, but the MC achievements aren't very fun, and they reset often due to bugs and such. So I think there should be new leader boards regarding EMC achievements (i.e Shiny items collected; Enraged mobs killed)