EMC's Last Days

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  1. Hello. This is kinda like a blog kinda thing for the 1 hour animation I'm making about EMC and how it might end. The animation will be released around Spring-Summer 2013 and it will be awesome.
    It will take some time because I will be animating and writing the script all by myself but this thread is so I can post pictures of the project so far and some teasers.

    Finally EMC's Last Days has a website.
    There will be Art, Parts of the storyline (made public), and also a developer blog saying what we did everyday.

    Also I will need to use some areas of the Empire so if you want to give me permission to download your residence and import it please do.

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  3. I get no part? Teletubbie get no part?
  4. Wow, that's a cool plot. Can I be in it?
  5. That sure is a plot.
  6. Animate syndicate in this video for the lolz doing what he does best.
  7. Ok, now to create a backup of the normal map, then recreate the epicness...
  8. This sounds amazing you can download my res if you need it.
  9. Did you mean me in the parts that had kevmandude?
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  10. You can download my res. I do hope some of this will take place in the wild and nether…
  11. That was funny hiih,

    Maybe you should change the zombies to giants, maybe once emc gets locked up giants has been added again :p
  12. yeah xD
  13. Guys I am releasing some alpha footage of Jack Biggin's res and him in diamond armor.
  14. :eek: if you can can you PLEASE include me and let me survive for at least half an hour?
    also you can film my res :p
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  16. What software are you using? (recording AND editing)
  17. Do me!! Also you can use all 4 of my res'!
  18. You can use both of my res's on smp2
  19. I use Cinema 4D Release 12