EMC's Day of Equality (and a Giveaway)

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  1. All humans deserve to be respected. Golden Rule.
  2. Equality means not judging people on anything and loving them for who they are and not what society defines love as.
  3. I have not read any of the posts other than the one that caught my eye (the senior staff one) and Krysyy's original, I'm just gonna write and I don't care if it counts or not.

    I have been bullied for many years so I don't know if this affects how I view equality, but I definitely agree that it isn't based on the cover of the book. Don't judge someone because they have a scar that ruins their face, or the scars on their arm, or anywhere, really. Don't judge someone for being A. American (sorry I don't like typing it out anymore), Chinese, Japanese, European- be it German, British, Italian, Swedish, Irish, etc. Ok Don't judge them for their race, in general. Judge for what they are inside. But I don't mean judge negatively if they are mean spirited. Yes, this is kinda a dumb thing to say because most of the time it has failed for me, but if they are mean spirited towards you, and you are kind and caring, they are jealous of you. Offer them the same kindness, treat them the same, no matter what it takes, how long it takes. It's an old proverb (and a verse in the Bible I think) that Oscar Wilde summed up, "Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much." Ok, sure, at first they're gonna get meaner, but keep trying.
    Now, I'm saying this with having this to five people and all but one have worked, one of which has been the same for about 10 years now. But that doesn't matter to me, I keep trying.
    Equality to me means giving anyone and everyone a chance, no matter how mean they are, no matter their race, their looks. It even includes the second chances.

    Ok I rambled. sorry. I just let myself write.
    *and I forgot also their view on what gender they are. That too. Sorry. that usually doesn't bother me cause I don't judge that so I often overlook it.
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  4. To me, equality means creating the Tolerance Pants. Sadly Krysyy said no to this.
  5. No mention of pizza?

    Where is jack and what did you do to 'em?
  6. Don't give me your SAS.
  7. The Tolerance Pants provide the sense of pizza without the physical object.
  8. Equality in opportunities is one of society norms that we will be able to achieve (everywhere in the world) hopefully in the following decades.

    I don't really have a definition for equality because I feel like I treat others around me equally and in a fair manner, so just gonna say that equallity is being respectful and appreciative towards difference
  9. What equality means to me is that when everyone is treated equally; everyone has the same respect and treated properly because we are all the same. We all are humans, or whatever you are and we all should be treated the same. Equality is when no one worries about our differences, how we look, how we act, you treat everyone the same in a fair way.
    That's why everyone should follow the Magical Golden Rule! Treat others how you want to be treated!
  10. Equality- people treat other people the same. People treat people as people, no differences or exceptions, (unless you hurt other people then heck you)
    Everyone deserves the same quality of hugs.
  11. Equality - the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities
    In Mathematics equal means that both sides are the same with no difference.
    SO that means that all people are equal... it doesn't matter what you look like
    or your gender
    sexual orientation
    how tall or short you are
    how you were raised
    how you live today
    or anything!
    We are all equal so get over it if you think that one thing is better that the other or you are better that someone else. it doesn't matter we are all equal

    EDIT: here is a Quote From MLKJ
    - If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

  12. Equality to me is not thinking differently of someone before knowing anything about them.
  13. Equality to me is that everyone is given identical chances and the same opportunities. Colour, Gender, Age, Height, Religion, Size, Looks, whatever it is, you are the same species and deserve to have the same chance
  14. Equality to me is everyone being treated the same and accepted for who they are no matter their physical appearance, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or wealth. Our opinion of a person should be based on their individual personality and how they treat others, and nothing else.

    Since I actually had an argument with a teacher back in college over this topic, I will restate my personal opinion from back then: I believe that racism and prejudice towards groups of people is learned. We are not born to automatically hate people. We are taught to do that. Equality may seem like a dream that will never happen according to some, but I believe it is a possibility, but only once we stop teaching hate to our children.
  15. Equality to me means that everyone has he same chance to do something wonderful in life. Living in a city that is very racially diverse and yet has managed to successfully desegregate the culture faster than other US cities has really impacted the community and people I know. Having the same quality of education as someone who has a different color of skin means much more than people think, and that honestly depicts why MLK and everyone in the Civil Rights Movement did what they did. Not just for education, but for life in the USA as a whole.

    Wow we got a serious Arkon in da houz :confused:
  16. Equality .. For me .. It doesn't mean that we don't see color or gender but that we respect everyone for who they are as a person and a living being. You see I don't just consider humans in my thoughts on equality .. I feel that all life should be respected.
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  17. Equality, to me, is having the same rights and privileges as others and being judged equally (not judging at all would be better, but since we are human and live with humans, it's impossible to assume judging would not be a thing, thus the second best thing is to judge equally) to others, no matter your race, gender (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, health, or religion.

    Equality is something we, as a society, have been fighting for for years. It is slowly developing and becoming nearer to reality than ever, which gives me hope for our future. Here's to hoping soon we'll all be treated based on our character deep inside, rather than our outer shell.
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  18. Equality?

    Nobody is equal to anyone else. Everyone is unique and different.

    And that's something to celebrate.

    People should be proud of who they are.
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  19. To me equality means nothing. There is no equality. No one is treated the same. Women get paid $0.80 to the dollar that men get paid. A cop is more likely to kill a black man then there are to kill a white one. There will always be racism and sexism. What M.L.K. did was a good thing and yes it changed a lot of things but people are still not equal.
  20. equality to me means everyone stands on the same feet at the start of the race with the same distance to be traveled.

    it means equality of opportunity as well as equity of the forces which drive those opportunities.
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