EMC's biggest town build ever! ( or at least i think so :P)

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  1. to all of you who may not know already, i have been pretty busy lately buying accounts and claiming reses. i have a total of 18 reses all connected between 5 accounts i bough for just emc :) on these 18 reses i am building a big city full of events, shops, puzzles and just really cool buildings :) the whole city itself will be an event just alone. it will consist of park-ore, Easter egg hunts, horse races and many more. i do not seek to make profit off of this project, only to create a fun, legendary build that my fellow EMC friends/family can go to and enjoy their stay. To all of you who are excited just as much as i am, i will be constantly posting new pictures and information on the builds status :) the build team atm is me as the architect, xenarchy as my lead contractor, beatsmode0 as my electrical, redstone man. salesman200 as the brains behind the event codes and mechanics, and the amazing grief team that recently helped me today tear down a preexisting castle i no longer needed. not right this moment but soon i will be looking for a few more volunteers to join the team and i will be releasing many contest for certain things i will need built such as banners. However, i will be paying for countless road builds between these 8 reses and we all know that can get expensive :p as well as 10 more dirt removals. To anyone who wishes to donate r towards this exciting project of mine, anything would be greatly appreciated ^.^ from ruppes-dirt-sandstone anything would help tremendously :) one amazing player, kevinsiah has recently donated over 500k just for me to buy the vouchers needed to claim reses and i can not thank him enough! any information and pictures on the project will be posted to this thread for everyone to see. again, thanks to everyone helping me make this project develope. i would also like to thank the senior staff for putting up with me and all my senior staff services :p this server is by far the best serve i have ever played on and i am looking forward to continue supporting it
  2. Cool! Keep us updated with pictures and such
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  3. Will do :) I have a good bit right now ready to post but I'm still trying to figure out imgur lol I'll get them up soon :)
  4. 18 residences?!?!? :eek:
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  5. Yes 18 :p I spent almost 300$ irl money for this project between my 5 Alts and supporter vouchers lol lets just say I am committed ^.^ and to be completely honest I have 16 ATM, I'm waiting on kryssyjane to switch my alt to hold to force claim 1 and the last one I have to see if a player will sell it to me. He/she has nothing built on it and does not play much. I have my fingers crossed, but I'm not letting anything get in my way of this project ^.^
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  6. Woah! That's amazing! Please keep us updated with pictures! I am dying to see :D
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  7. Will do, glad you all are excited just as much as I am :D
  8. here is my first wave of pictures :) if they do not show, please let me know and ill work on fixing them
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  10. Truly beautiful. This reminds me of the ol' SMP4 project. =)
  11. and the fianl one to catch up on the build today here is a picture of a awesome griefing team who saved me 40k toady ^.^ thank you all:
    poptart and a couple more :) i apologize if any names are mispelled

  12. what is this old smp4 project you speak of? :p
    and thank you cadenman2002
  13. DatzMine, any chance of posting the res numbers?
    (Note to self- donate 5k to DatzMine-City)
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  15. thank you so much both of you for donations :) i will let yall know and the res numbers are 2624, 2623, 2418, and 2417. those are the main ones im currently building on. the dock was just placed in, about to post pictures of it now :) anyone is welcome to come visit it anytime. The whole build will stay open to the public until i start adding in the events.
  16. and that is awesome! is that project still under development?