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Do You Want To Be Involved In Our Smp4 Dream

Yes! 75 vote(s) 78.1%
No... 4 vote(s) 4.2%
I Will Let You Know 17 vote(s) 17.7%
  1. 17 Residences
    Dozens of players
    One massive community project

    Yes you read it right.... 17 lots... all connected... and we are having the time of our lives preparing for this.
    SMP4 has been my family's home since we joined the Empire many months ago. We have patiently watched and learned and listened to our players. Now we have obtained all 17 of these residences in one area to begin our DREAM.
    We are being a bit secretive in the beginning with good reason BUT.... we are ready to tell you this:
    We will need massive amounts of the following materials:
    Snow Blocks
    Iron Blocks
    Glow Stone
    Emerald Blocks

    If you want to make some money I would start here. We will be gathering these ourselves but we do not want to take 6 months to build this once we get started. :)
    There will be YouTube channels set up and many opportunities for you all to be involved at many levels great and small.
    I will release more information in the next few days....
    But until then... start collecting those resources :)

    Here's To EMC! We love you

    RJ and the players of Smp4
  2. In about 2 days or so I should have a dbchest of glowstone. I will sell it to you for hmmm 36k-40k
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  3. I'd love to, but I'm gummed up on my own project. But good luck, citizens of SMP4!
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  4. I'm all for it!
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  5. I can't wait to know what is going to be built! Sadly, the only thing I have that you need is glass, but if that helps then let the glass making begin! :D
  6. Hmm, am I allowed to be an important part of 2 secretive projects at the same time???

    Because that is what I am going to try and do :p

    Prepare yourself
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  7. Well.... let me think about this..... Hmmmm....
    Yeah :D
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  8. I have Glass and Emerald Blocks for sale at 18648 on smp9
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  9. I sell some glass at 18553 on smp9 and sgx2000 sells emerald blocks and iron blocks at 18648 on smp9 if you are looking all over for those materials. :)
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  10. Oh mah Gawd. Great minds think alike!
  11. I have not started the search party yet.... but its coming Soon! ;)
  12. I'll also supply snow blocks. I'll try my hardest not to throw the snowballs while I'm getting them . :p
  13. I'll try to supply glass. Not in massive amounts but amounts.
  14. If only you guys could grief my res 3197... then that would supply all of your glass needs and some of your glowstone :p ... but when i get back on eklektoi tomorrow ... if i have left overs of some materials i can try and give them ... for my ice palace res 3027 i only need snow, ice, and glowstone... the rest - i don't need it
  15. That would be so awesome of you! I would be happy to help you and bring my own tools if you need help... Just PM me :)
  16. No i can't actually give perms to my res i'm permabanned ... but if you could, like i was saying, i would let all of you get the materials you need
  17. Oh... I did not realize...sorry
  18. i USED to have iron blocks... besides what i used to build with someone came and cleaned the shop out last night so i'm completely out of iron except for a couple ingots :(
  19. It's fine ... I used to be sarcastic and make jokes to other people, thinking i was funny, but to them it wasn't jokes or funny at all, to them it was hurtful - I never meant to upset anyone - I just don't know when to say the right things sometimes ... but when i get on eklektoi tomorrow after he's unbanned too (it was same reason, same time) ... i will get me and matheus to start tearing it down, then i can donate
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  20. That is why I decided to start this now... so you all have a chance to stock up.... :)