[EMC Suggestion] Re-enable Punch Bow Tricks from Vanilla

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  1. Currently on EMC, it seems that players can't hurt themselves by their own arrows. This is probably intentional to reduce player frustration.

    However, there are actually benefits to re-enable players hitting themselves. One of those is a bow with the Punch enchantment.



    Now with 1.9, there's a new way to use the same kind of bow.

    *NOTE: "Infinite" flying is only given if the elytra's durability wasn't considered.


    Both uses remain fully working as of both the latest stable and pre-release of Minecraft 1.9.

    But neither of these techniques are possible by the current state of EMC. However, there is an easy way to change this.
    Arrows the player fires can hit them.

    In Minecraft, every projectile entity produced by a player or mob has an owner data tag. Entity ownership is used by the game in various ways.

    - Aggression for attacking any neutral mob.
    - Mobs dropping experience and rare items.
    - Death messages in chat.

    I do see a lot of good things to come out of Punch Bows, especially with the elytra in 1.9.

    Although, I'm expecting to forget something here, in terms of the cons.

    Is it too overpowered? If so, please explain.
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  2. That's a good point, I think that should be worked out!

    Also, there's a double negative in paragraph five of your post (not counting the YouTube links as separate paragraphs (Edit: this has been fixed now, for confused people))
  3. Why, perhaps it's just the ramblings of an expert fisherman,

    but grammar is the number one, most important thing in this here world to me.
  5. Lol. What if you had no armor with a punch 2 bow and elytra? Then, you would kill yourself :p
  6. You take damage, that's the negative for using this trick.

  7. There is a meme for everything. :p
  8. +1 Please! I've been playing on a 1.9 server recently and it's so fun to spam the punch bow and fly in the end. When it occurred to me this might not be a thing on EMC, it was really sad. I'd really love this feature to be added back.
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  9. Let's not forget about the Tipped Arrows as well. Makes carrying several Fire Resistance Arrows more convenient than several Fire Resistance potions, as the potions would stack and you could only carry so many at once (this would be especially useful in the Nether or mining around lava).
  10. I remember a group of us tried to "fly" with bows in the pvp arenas a while back. Even without elytra it does shoot you pretty far.
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  11. I see no issues with this.
  12. Bump!
    Any staff wanna comment?
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  14. I second this; let's get some input! :D
  15. Bump! right at the 3 hour mark :p
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  16. Lil bit over the 12 hour mark!
  17. I can tell that there are people who really want these tricks to come back to EMC, including me, of course. ;)
  18. If you do not support this suggestion, what's your reasoning behind it? :)