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Does this bother you?

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  1. I realise you have said that website/forum changes are hard, but there is something that has always bugged me, and its the "Become a supporter" sign. It's a bit outdated and can be slightly misleading, as everyone can fly on utopia, and the Use TNT is now a flag and not supported exclusive... it might just be me being pedantic but it bugs me slightly, anything you can do about that?
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  2. Not sure what you are talking about as i cant see it, But if you see it, then they should update when they get around to it, hehe
  3. Since my supporter-ship hasnt kicked in I could take a photo :p, this is what people without the supporter ranks see when they log in at the top of the screen
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  4. yeah haha, its a little outdated and should be updated really, does anyone feel the same?
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  5. its probably going to be updated when the EULA thing happens.
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  6. yes I was a bit late, not gonna delete this though...
  7. until the eula changes are finalised theres not much point to changing it since that could change on a whim if mojang comes calling
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  8. EULA changes have been incoming since July 2014.

    It takes no more than a few minutes to change the text on a graphic. Excuses like "The changes are coming soon!" are nonsense when it's been coming soon for nearly 2 years. All it takes is a small new banner that reflects what supporter actually is. Not that hard.
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  9. take the initiative then, make a new one with current changes and also reflect what aikar has said would change soon
  10. I believe Aikar did it on purpose.

    I asked him about it once and he said it was on purpose at least.

    It is basically a cheap gimmick.
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  11. Why would I include what's not here now? The entire point is to keep it up to date, since you're essentially selling a product with an out-of-date advertisement.

    I don't have the .psd file for the banner, so I can't easily change it without starting over. They have it though, or at least they really should, so it would be way easier for them to do it.
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  12. I'm looking into doing a completely new set of these with newer EMC branding.
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  13. I think mine's broken:

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  14. So that means itll be fixed? :p
  15. Yup :) Here's an unfinished preview of one of them:

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  16. Feedback. That banner looks more like a random google advertisement than it does an EMC banner. It should match the color scheme of the website and fit in better to the background rather than having harsh edges that clash with the grey background where it looks more like a placed advertisement.
  17. Thanks. Newer versions have the metallic frame that you might have seen on other stuff, which helps it appear a bit more EMC-y and less like a Google ad.
  18. Just my opinion, but that font is kind of ugly =P you should make it match the fonts that are already on the site. That'd help it look less like a google ad too.
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