EMC Signature Generator [BETA]

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    So a loonnnnggg time ago I made a signature generator for EMC. It just about worked, but was far from perfect, and didn't really do much. The generator then died... until now! Introducing the new and improved EMC Signature Generator 2.0!

    Currently the generator is able to show your rank and online status in your signature (although there is LOTS more to come) in a nice fancy design. You can pick custom backgrounds, or if you're boring and like your current signature, you can generate a mini online status bar to go under it.

    Coming "Soon":
    • Custom backgrounds
    • Res number detection and signature generation based off that
    • Set 3D live map image as background [MAYBE]
    • Completely custom second text line
    • Forum rank based signatures
    • Possibly TEXP/trophy point/like count/post count based signatures
    • Any other awesome suggestions people come up with
    Generate a signature at http://emcsig.jmb.im
    Report bugs via PM to me

    Thanks to anyone who noticed my profile message and tested it so far. :)
  2. Oooh, I've seen some of these and they look great
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  3. Great work Jack, keep up the good work!
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  4. I like it :D
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  5. Doesn't work lol

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  6. I guess I'm boring :p
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  7. +1 from me
  8. You have multiple account with similar names which is causing it >_> I'm working on a patch so it doesn't hate that, and it'll be retroactively applied when doable.
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  9. My second account is on utopia, indeed :p
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  10. Very nifty.....

    Edit: But looking at my signature, i take it you can't have 2. Cause yours isn't showing up.
  11. Resize your current signature smaller and use the mini online status and it'll appear - there's a height limit. :)
  12. Just watching people conform.

    Until I see a stone slab background, I will stick with my current. ;)

    Danke, JackBiggin
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  13. Great work Jack. love it. :)
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  14. I got mine :)
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  15. Couldn't even find the image again to re-size it. So i just grabbed an image from my screenshots.
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  16. Added >_>

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  17. <3
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  18. Not Baaaaaad at all!
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  19. We need a promo background
  20. How'd you mean?