EMC Redstone Expo Booth Reservations

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  1. A group of us are planning on hosting an EMC Redstone Expo on utopian res 5020.

    Here is a Picture of the beginning Floors of the build currently in design.

    If you are interested in having a booth in this Expo to show off your redstone creations please post here.

    A Small booth is 10*10 and is 2000r

    A Large Sassy booth is 20*20 and will be 3000r.

    Each booth has 10 blocks of head space. The ceiling, walls, and floors are also spaced to protect other creations from interfering. Right now we are not planning for more than 10 floors. So please state which floor you would like to be on in your post for reservation. Your spot will officially be reserved once you declare here which type of booth you want, and what floor, and payment has been made.

    You do not need to be a Redstone magician to participate in this event. This is just a little expo for people to show off any redstone creation to their friends in one place. All proceeds go to the project its self as the build is expensive and no profit is going to come out of it.

    Each floor has a 57*57 area, so we can fit 30 Small Booths or 7 large booths on every floor or any combination of the two. Please keep this in mind when asking for your booth, I will try to keep this post updated with floor plans so people know the limits of each floor.

    Help us make this event spectacular! We know there are a lot of great redstone creations out there.. and we WANT to see them!

    Also, simple donations are appreciated.. any amount of stone brick is greatly needed, as it is the most needed resource in the build.

    Reservation Form:

    Name: (Your IGN)
    Booth: Large (20*20)/Small (10*10)
    Floor: (1 - 10 for now, we may change some availability later)


    The following Chests are on 5020 for any donations :)

    Current Reservations:

    Orange=reserved (not yet paid)

    Orange=reserved (not yet paid)

    Orange=reserved (not yet paid)

    Orange=reserved (not yet paid)
  2. Name: henpenben
    Booth: Large
    Floor: 1
    Can I get two booths or is that not okay?
  3. I'm considering it... I'll watch this thread.
  4. Hmm interesting ill check out the build site soon
  5. a 20*20 Booth is pretty large.. just so you know... for now. Make your plans for 1, if demand levels out then I do not see a problem with it. Just make your build planned for 20*20
  6. Your total is 3000r. As soon as you make payment, your reservation is set and your booth will be available as soon as it is built.
  7. lol.
    EDIT: Also meant to say that I paid, as well.
    EDIT 2: Are you accepting help in the building process?
    EDIT 3: Also can I donate in bulk without having to stand at a sign for a while :p
  8. well... we are waiting on materials to start the build >.> the picture of the build so far, is actually done on a creative server. But the final plans are set and once building starts it should not take long.
  9. ign Maximus7697
    can I have a small booth please
    1st or second floor would be nice
  10. Just donated one chest of stone.
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  11. Name: (technologygeek)
    Booth: Large (20*20)
    Floor: 1
  12. Your reservations will be confirmed once payment is made.
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  13. Name: (Your IGN) wipple4 & theravenite (shared booth)
    Booth: Large (20*20)/Small (10*10) Large
    Floor: (1 - 10 for now, we may change some availability later) 1

    I hav paid :D
  14. Updated the post to show current reservations. If your floor has paying customers and you have not paid your reservation, you will lose your spot.
  15. Name: RainbowChin
    Booth: Large
    Floor: 1
  16. Name: PRO_G4NGST4
    Booth: Small (10*10)
    Floor: 1
  17. Floor Plan updated.
  18. Name: Pateraterick
    Booth: Small (10*10)
    Floor: 1
  19. Floor Plan Updated