EMC Now supports 1.8 Clients!

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  1. This has been one stressful update as we ran into some weird problems, that I had trouble reproducing in development AND stage, but finally after may days of debugging and studying, we now have updated so that ALL 1.7 and 1.8 clients can now connect to the Empire

    We are not a 1.8 server!
    EMC is still running 1.7.10, the last release by CraftBukkit before it was shut down, and the last release by Spigot before it was frozen. See here for details about why CraftBukkit and Spigot are mostly frozen.

    This means none of the new 1.8 features are on EMC. We will potentially use some of the server side features to send to 1.8 connecting clients such as Title popups, but this is not an immediate priority.

    You will be unable to use any 1.8 block.

    Expected Issues:
    1.8 gets stricter about invalid block data and item data from being used on the client. Therefor, it is possible you have invisible blocks on your residence due to this when using the 1.8 client.

    If you see a weird block, please break it and try to replace it. If that does not work, then PM staff for assistance.

    Why did we update? What benefit does it provide?
    It's very clear that even when we post instructions on how to downgrade, many still refuse to do so or can not figure out how even with the help. And due to that, population got really low on many servers.

    We need to ensure we support the latest client when possible so that all EMC players can connect, regardless of their technical skill set...

    Remember, while it may seem easy to switch to you, not every one is as technically adept and can struggle to understand even with pretty pictures (thanks sambish20).

    Also, 1.8 client brings MANY performance improvements, which should help users that have slower computers.

    Remember, you can still use any 1.7 client, so if you wish to use 1.7.2 with mods, go for it!

    When will we get the real 1.8 update?
    At this time, I am not expecting a 1.8 update any time this year. The entire MC world is in shambles at the moment with legal trouble. Please see this thread for details and discussion about that.

    No-one is left on Bukkit to update it to 1.8, and Mojang is now legally frozen from updating Bukkit to 1.8 too.

    Then, Spigot is also frozen from releasing a real 1.8 update too! This leaves Sponge as the only real chance, but Sponge will take many many months before it is usable, so it is very unlikely we will see a real 1.8 update this year. Sorry... We will make do as best as possible.

    We might be able to add specific 1.8 features ourselves (and then force everyone to use 1.8 client) on top of the 1.7 code, but that would take a bit of effort, so no promises....

    And the usual update log...

    • EMC now supports 1.8 and all 1.7 clients. 1.8 client may experience some weird issues, please see above text.
    • Server reboots are now MUCH faster! Minecraft keeps the chunks at every worlds spawn loaded up to 13 chunks away! This is insane for our design as some of our worlds are not used much, and Town for example has many big player builds and entities.

      We have lowered the "Keep Chunks Loaded" setting to be much lower for all worlds.
      For example, SMP5 use to take 44 seconds to load, and now takes 13 seconds to load.

      Reboots will be much quicker, and performance will also be saved from entities in the spawn residences.
    • Fixed issues with flying on Utopia *c*
    • Fixed incorrect help info on /group leader command *c*
    • Updated the /server switchers color for the wool blocks to match each servers respective "Town Color" *c*
    • Made /server <server> work right *c*
    • All Player skull uses such as wearing them, placing them, etc should hopefully work as expected now.
    • Something we actually deployed days ago but didn't need its own thread: Players can no longer drop Soulbound items. This will prevent accidental dropping of items that constantly confuses players into thinking they lost it on death. If you need to give someone an item, put it in a chest.
    • Lowered setting about how much data is sent to clients for chunk loading. Should help not lag out people with slower internet.
    • Removed Labor Day promo and scheduled update to remove from /shop (Been so busy this week forgot to disable it last weekend! Hope everyone enjoyed the long promo)
  2. First! and cool!
  3. Nicely done :)
  4. Very Nicely done :)
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  5. Shame about Spigot and Bukkit, but other than that, nice updates!
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  6. Love it :D
    Tho i can see lighted km away at y=5 and mobs can use ladders now ;) (like zombies, creepers, etc..)
  7. Nice is ur cat better??? Hope he gets well soon and thx for the update
  8. Thanks for the continued hard work :D
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  9. Thank you.
    Just a thought, but since full/actual 1.8 update is most likely months away, could Dragon Tombs and "Empires" wild land claiming be the focus of the next development and updates ?
    Basically, ok we can't get 1.8 soon, but can we get more DT or Empires soon ?

    Edit: I guess the EULA forces some other changes and features before DT & Empires, but I hope Empires & DT are right after the EULA driven changes.
    Thanks, again.

    Edit #2: Has anyone else noticed that Pigs can now fly ! ?
    Ok not fly, but jump a 2-high wall.
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  10. Awesome Aikar! Keep up the good work :)
  11. Nice Aikar!!! Is Yer cat any better yet?
  12. New players need to be reminded to use the emc site. There used to be a regular reminder but this has gone, along with the reminder to use the live map and never get lost again. I think it would be useful for those to return.
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  13. Wait noooo!!!! I MISSED THE PROMO!!!!!!!!
  14. Great job considering what you have to work with!
  15. Thanks for all your hard work! It'll pay off well when we can finally get 1.8 running :3 And I love how you can't drop soulbound items, I'm far less paranoid using them now XD
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  16. Couldn't mobs always use ladders?
    This I agree with. Many players don't even know EMC has a site.
  17. Never seen them do this before, except villagers.
    With 1.8 client and EMC 1.8 protocol compatible, mobs follow you now even down(up?) on ladder when they detect you.

    Beside good luck with pushing creeper up or down to the ladder :D
  18. Awesome, I'm excited about heads working again. :) Thanks, Aikar! :D
  19. *Raises hand*
    1. The 1.8 skins, would that be client or server-side? Meaning if I made a skin with 2 layers, will others see my 2 layers?
    2. Will you be working on any new features for EMC or will you be focusing on Sponge to update EMC?