EMC Now supports 1.8 Clients!

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Are you actually playing single player on 1.8 without any problems you don't have on 1.7?
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  2. Looks like I have identified the issue and resolved it.

    Memory is back to stable now!

    I have removed the 2-3 hr restarts and now back to our regularly scheduled nightly restarts.
  3. To be honest I haven't tried :)
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  4. Ok I have confirmed the issue is fixed and looks much more stable than before!
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  5. Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I tried connecting with 1.8, but one issue I ran into was that the enchanting screen was the new one requiring lapis.

    If you already updated to 1.8, don't worry, there's a way to still play in 1.7 mode. When you start Minecraft, before you click Play, click the Edit Profile button. Change the Use Version: drop-down box from "release 1.8" to "release 1.7.10". You can change this back to 1.8 later if you want to play in Single Player or a different server that is running 1.8.
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  6. So can't you enchant anything? Could you explain what happens?
  7. I haven't tried. I didn't want to use up lapis unecessarily.
  8. But I mean, do you really need lapis? It may be just the interface that's changed, but that the method still works the old way. Also, why would that be using lapis unnecessarily? I mean, enchanting is way cheaper in terms of experience so I think it would actually be beneficial, if it does actually work the new way.
  9. Thank you! I was abit worried :]
  10. And it now appears to be working again.:D
  11. I get a message that says that my session is invalid sometimes when I switch servers. I have to completely log out then back in or exit out of Minecraft completely and restart it.

    This started recently. Any chance it may be connected to this update? Is there something I can do to correct this on my side?
  12. With /server /smp1 etc? Or by logging out and logging in?

    It shouldn't happen when using commands since it doesn't revalidate session between switches (just initial proxy connection).

    But sessions invalidating happens if you try to open multiple clients with the vanilla launcher. I recommend using magic launcher instead, it handles multiple accounts better w/o killing sessions.
  13. This is similar to what I sometimes get; I get disconnected saying my session is invalid, then have to completely restart my game.
  14. When I am using Voxel Map my waypoints don't save to the correct map when I use Server commands to switch servers, so whether I use them or disconnect/reconnect depends on what I am doing. Lately I have been disconnecting and switching because I am working mostly in the Wild and using Voxel a lot.

    I'll try Magic Launcher. I used to use and love it, but when we updated to 1.7 and so many mods were screwed up I just started using the vanilla launcher with no mods. Eventually I tried Voxel Map when I heard it was an approved replacement for Rei's. I have wanted to install some others but have been holding off for 1.8.
  15. PenguinDJ said:
    Many players don't even know EMC has rules and an economy chat ((last time i checked people are still using town chat for business purposes)).... lol
  16. _____
    1.7 clients will only see the inner layer!
    1.8 clients will see whatever you show (('cause you can choose on the settings what part of your out layer you want to be visible)) !
  17. will 1.8 ever have the feture's on empire will we get...slime block,banner's ect