EMC Now supports 1.8 Clients!

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  1. That was an unexpected gain.(in my mind) I hadn't considered load times, only ticking.
    It's always good to see EMC staying ahead of the curve in terms of updates! How many other servers currently allow 1.8 clients to connect?
  2. I would imagine all of the major minigames servers.
  3. Good note! One 1.8 feature we will be using for 1.8 clients *SOON* is setting header/footer on tab list, which we will give a nice reminder about the EMC site there ;)

    So we can give information to anyone who presses tab.
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  4. 1.8 skins i believe is client side, so you should be able to use them.
    And EMC is still the focus. Just providing sponge like 10-20% of my time.
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  5. I cannot connect to SMP2, I can connect to all of the other servers though.
  6. I cannot connect to smp2
    EDIT: Yes I can never mind
  7. smp2 is back up - it was unrelated to this update - we had some internal network issues.
  8. More *c*'s :eek:
    Oh, I would've wished to have had this when I accidentally pressed Q on the open sea with my I-day 2013 firework selected... :(
  9. Great updates, thanks.
  10. I didn't know there would be colored beacons...
  11. Yay Still can't play minecraft but Yay!
  12. There appears to be a memory leak with the newest version.

    While we COULD roll back, doing so would not help fix the issue... So we will stay on 1.8 with 3 hour (maybe even 2 hours if 3 hours isnt enough) reboots to keep the servers stable.

    I have made some changes that lets me remote debug the servers now (which is something i've been needing to do for a while!) so I can also gather performance data on how to make the servers run better too.

    The spigot team is also looking into this issue, so hopefully together we can solve it.
  13. Well, heads are not working correctly for me. All of my heads from other people are either Steve or Alex.
  14. I feel like it is the Minepocalypse
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  15. Hey, at least this isn't as bad as 1.3 *crosses fingers*
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  16. alex...? So heads that have no relation to alex shows alex's skin?
  17. Minecraft's Girl Skin (Slim Arms)

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  18. OK last night after I went back to 1.8 I couldn't get onto the Empire, well I could smp3 for a few seconds. This morning I try and log in again and I've never had so much lag in all my life! And it still put me on smp3. I went to smp8 and the lag was unplayable. So I rolled back to 1.7.10 and low and behold straight to smp8 and its lag free. I'm staying away from 1.8. :)
  19. :):):):):)

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