EMC losing its members..

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  1. has emc started to lose its members? yes... and we can regain those members or attract new members... i have some suggestions to make that might help:
    1. we need to vote everyday and try making more ads abt the server
    2.i saw a server i knew who had 6-8 servers and started losing members they used to be 100/100 too just like emc a year ago 60/60 well anyways they combined all the servers and made it hold 3000 players its pretty much always over 1k at my noon and at night like 12-3 am its always 3k players... thats cuz ppl used to see the server holding so much ppl so more would get on it....
    3. make more exciting stuff im not talking events... im talking like addons to the servers lets say u can do something to the town to make it better ( ofcourse not larger plots >.< ) most importantly wild let it reset once in a while but let us protect our areas in a way it wont reset them.. ( and nether not only wild)
    4. everyone post videos on youtube abt the server cuz the more ppl see other ppl make the video abt the same server more ppl get attracted to it...
    well thats all :/ i wish u can do some of that stuff especially 1 and 3 and 4 1 can be left aside or done as a last resort XD
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  2. I think there is already talked about this? Isn't it? Aikar?
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  3. 1. Better voting bonuses have been implemented, more are on the way.
    2. Cool story bro.
    3. Aikar is working on Dragon Tombs.
    4. Plenty of YouTube activity is taking place.
  4. What time zone do you live in? When I am on, it's around 50/60
  5. 50? 60 lol EMC used to be always 50-60... it was one of the top servers now where r we??
  6. Have you not seen the thread pinned to the homepage?
  7. On the way up.
    We are getting much more members per day than we used to.
    We currently have 53 members, 89 quests on the site.
  8. i did :/ ik emc is getting back up on its legs but too slowly i just made some suggestions idk if they will actually work y i made this thread is to get diffrent perspectives of these ideas...
  9. Spelling fixed. Not grammar....
  10. XD rlly now? XD i was writing fast XD
  11. Had to
  12. XD!Grammar is not why i made this thread! XD
  13. Our traffic sources actually report that EMC is booming compared to November EMC... so, if some players are leaving, its not because we are not trying, we make updates, have events and even increased voting incentives. But, if we do all the things we can, and people still leave, nothing much more that we can do. Stats would show that more new people are coming in than members we are 'losing' which, I fail to see any proof of a substantial amount of players leaving? Every couple of months there may be 1 or 2 people who were very publicly visible decide to move on, or leave, and we get posts like this claiming we are losing a lot of people. I know the majority of people who were playing a month ago, two months ago and probably three months ago, still play. People will come and go, thats part of internet gaming and internet communities.
  14. Im going to say the same point (again) no one ever listens.

    EMC Used to be say 4-5 servers thats when it was 60/60 etc. Now were 9 servers big (Im not including utopia) they never said the Persian Empire was 'small' it was massive, they took so much land and just kept growing. EMC is in a sense the same, 9 servers so players are spread out more, and the member count is only going up. I have helped so many new players with commands etc and how to do things that its unreal.
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  15. i never said u werent trying i actually see that improvement and thats a lot compared to b4.. im just making more suggestions :)
  16. nfell emc was full when we were 9 servers... XD but ik 9 servers is lots of big space
  17. well ur right :D i wish we get back to top 10 :D
  18. Can you stick to 1 post?
    When SMP9 opened we only were full because supporters (mainly) were moving around place to place without the worry of not getting back in, but if you check EMC still have about 250+ people on at once (When its like 9 PM for me :mad:)
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  19. To me, it's always worrying that these threads will put any new players who happen to be looking at the site off bothering to join
  20. A protected area during a reset, as a programmer myself, is not possible. Well, it is, but it would take months of work and isn't needed at all. Plus Aikar is figuring out a way to not do resets at all.