EMC is now 1.4! (And October 31st Fun Update!)

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Hey EMC!

    Thanks to all of Aikar's hard work, EMC is now 1.4 friendly. As far as we can tell, the update is PRETTY bug/glitch free, but we all know how that can go with Minecraft updates in the past, so please report any bugs/major glitches to Aikar that you find. This includes and duplication glitches, rollback glitches, things not working how they should, etc. While we don't anticipate any of this, it's all possible.

    Next, we have a fun surprise for everyone reading this post. For October 31st, we are allowing every EMC member to use mob disguise in town. Upon entering town (or the server) for the first time after the 1.4 update, you will be assigned a random mob. If you choose to not be a mob, you can undisguise with the command: "/u".

    To change which mob you are you can enter one of the following commands and you can press "/d" in game to see the full list.

    /d bat
    /d witch
    /d skeleton
    /d zombie
    /d pigzombie
    /d creeper
    /d blaze
    /d cavespider
    /d spider
    /d slime
    /d enderman
    /d magmacube
    /d silverfish

    Note, that when disguised as a mob, your name won't appear on the TAB list.
  2. Happy Halloween. :)
  3. Yah. Mob disquise.
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  4. Yay so glad we have such capable staff (unlike other servers)
    I also hope that this don't send the Dragon update too far back!
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  5. Is it bad that I got here a few minutes after the first post has been made?
    I probably should try to get some carrots and potatoes for my farm.
    Happy Halloween to everyone! Hope you all don't get a Creeper to blow up your candy, because that would be horrible. :p
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  6. YES! Disguises! Fun! Halloween! And I have to "go to bed". :(
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  7. Wow. Just as I finish playing for the night after a hard days work.

    Damn you all.
  8. PM me to tell me how to force update. I have magic launcher and have not been given the option.
  9. You have to do it with the regular Minecraft launcher, not Magic Launcher. ML basically TAKES your game and edits it, not handles it directly.
  10. is the disguise just tonight and tomorrow?
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  11. Oh ya!!! :)

  12. Aaah creeper & blaze 2012-10-30_23.17.33.png
  13. YESSSS!!!!!
    Dibs on ghast!
    Oh wait...
    I'll take the bat.
  14. Worked, thank you.
  15. =/
    Oh well.
    I can live with some lag and without some minimap because of Aikar. :D
  16. being able to be a mob needs to stick around! haha
  17. We shouls have an EMC Halloween party. Like a massive one. One that could span for days! Jk, just a day or two to make sure everyone gets to attend.
  18. I'll try witch
  19. /d enderman
    I think I'll be an enderman forever
    *hits forehead* dang it I can't fit in the door
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