EMC Discord Community Meeting 7/11/20: EMC Turning 9!

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  1. EMC Discord Community Meeting Scheduled for July 11th, 2020

    Meeting Topic: EMC's 9th Birthday Event(s)
    Time: 10:00 am EMC time on July 11, 2020
    Dress code: Casual/Business Casual

    How will it work?
    1. Krysyy will lead a discussion
    2. Community members will be asked for input, specific and generic, in a discussion-type environment on discord via voice and chat.
    3. The discussion notes will then be posted to the community for additional comments for 24 hours, encouraging other time zones' participation.
    4. Staff will review the notes and decide/design
      • Consider it an active suggestion box with immediate feedback and interaction from Staff, so it's best to brainstorm some ideas ahead of time
    Are there rules?

    In order to facilitate a productive meeting environment, the following rules must be followed. Breaking the rules will result in removal from the meeting to benefit the discussion:
    • STAY ON TOPIC. Keep the discussion going in the correct direction for the most benefit.
    • No talking over each other. Be courteous when other people are trying to talk and do your best not to interrupt.
    • If you are asked to be quiet at any time, you are expected to comply or be removed from the meeting. We want to give all attendees a chance to be heard, if they want to be. Therefore, if you've 'had the floor' for too long, we may ask that you take a break and let someone else speak.
    • ALL other EMC rules apply: rudeness, appropriateness, etc.
  2. To clarify on this, im guessing this would be, what they are and when they are? :)
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  3. Oh gosh this is at 7 am
  4. You say this like you aren't up at this time already
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  5. I go to bed late enough as is, I can't stay up another 2 hours for a meeting .-.
  6. F
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  7. Sounds like an amazing achievement for the server. :)

    Likewise with Rhy, it's at a time where I am still asleep. :\

    I hope to see what the outcomes are in the community after this has been discussed! :D
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  8. Very cool! I might check in.
    Is the dresscode a mere joke?
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  10. 7/11/20 Meeting Notes
    Topic: EMC 9th Birthday Plans


    1. Meeting Rules

    2. Review purpose of event

      1. The 25th falls on a Saturday this year, Krysyy will be online during day

      2. Will TRY to have Aikar, but schedule sometimes conflicts with irl

    3. What do players like?

      1. Event types

        1. Community decorate the cake

        2. Smaller, less common events

          1. TNT Run - check lag

          2. Art class

          3. Staff vs the world - see what staff is available

          4. Renamed items in a large build

          5. Rainbow Run

            1. Ingredients for cake

          6. Pick the cake (number games)

        3. Death Event?

      2. Prizes

        1. Birthday Cookie - all event winners

        2. Wearable items

          1. Party hat

    4. What do players not like?

      1. Event types

        1. Invisible parkours (lol)

        2. Firefloor & other common events (anything ran too often)

      2. Prizes

        1. Tokens

        2. Rupees (okay for some events like the cake, art class, where there are a lot of winners and lots of rounds)

    5. Open discussion

      1. Scheduling

        1. Decorate birthday cake earlier in week

        2. Main event saturday (2-ish EMC time) + Aikar schedule?
  11. Leaving up for 48 hours. Staff will close thread on MONDAY.
  12. Do you keep lists of presence?
  13. If you are asking if attendance is taken. The answer is no.
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  14. I'm mostly curious how many people participated in these. I forgot to check it out, next time I'll put it in my agenda. :)
  15. The 4th of July meeting had 15-20 people, this one had around 10.
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  16. Unfortunately couldn't make the meeting
    Birthday may be an opportunity to run that new Higher/Lower event? Everyone who attended last time had lots of fun :)
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  17. I'm really sorry to have missed this one. Life does call.. I'm interested to see what comes out of these latest chats.

    I think you are absolutely right Raaynn. That's another fun one to play. =D

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  18. Was a promo discussed? Planned?
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  19. All notes are listed.
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