Earth Day 2020

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  1. Happy Earth Day!

    To celebrate, Krysyy is going to lead an effort in the wilderness across multiple SMPs to clean up some of the destroyed lands (without hurting players' builds).

    Join her by grabbing dirt to fill creeper holes, trees and crops to plant, and generally help beautify the wild!

    Start time: 3 pm EMC time
    Start location for Krysyy: smp1 /wild north

    Note: You can start whereever you'd like. Krysyy is just going to visit multiple areas. If you see a structure built by another player, do not destroy it. Even if it's not 'pretty' it may be someone's home.
  2. Love this idea :D Happy Earth Day all :)
  3. Happy Earth Day :D Let's take care of our beautiful cube planet!
  4. Happy Earth Day everyone!!! I hope it is filled with oceans of fun with a continental approach of excitement. (sorry for the puns :p)

    Creeper holes will not be left unfilled. #undocreeperdamage
  5. Happy Earth Day !
  6. Totally had no idea Earth Day was today lol...

    Happy Earth Day though.
  7. We need /promo sapling Nothing special about it, just a normal sapling.
  8. Glad to see the community coming together again. :)
  9. If being pretty was a requirement for homes on EMC, none of my builds would still be standing :p

    This is a fun idea, I’ll try to hop on after work today :D
  10. Or support the economy by purchasing from a player shop 😛
  11. I just restocked my dirt after several players bought me out *cough* jewel *cough* :rolleyes: Made a start on some of the Frontiers on SMP6 :D
  12. Nice! Will be on later to plan th some vegetation.
  13. Happy Earth Day, everyone!:D
  14. My ramen water is taken forever to boil, I should still be on time. But just in case if I'm a few minutes late.
  15. It's great to see others still trying to revive the damaged and ruined areas. Thank you guys for being awesome.

    Happy Earth Day! :D
  16. Happy Earth Day! :D
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