Earth Day 2020

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. Happy Earth Day everyone! I love the event idea!

    But what we need... is an Earth Day promo. Ideas anyone?
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  2. /promoEday2020 or /promoEday2021 it's 9 stacks of dirt that can be used to fix areas around the /wild spawns.
  3. We don't need a promo for everything.
  4. ...
    Yes... but...
    I think we should at least have a promo for every "holiday" of the year, even if it appears only once.
  5. Great idea as an event for today! Love it!
    Sadly, I have had a really long day and am ready to drop on my face. Y'all have fun though!
  6. Please ensure there is something soft to land on...! :)
  7. The effort from the players with this event was astounding. Those of you who didn't take part today, nothing stops you from doing your part later on. I know I will be working on a little bit here and there that I didn't get to today as the week goes on. I hope each of you will do the same.

    Happy planting!
  8. I would have joined but unfortunately wasn't online then. I do this now and then on SMP7 anyway. Just filling in creeper holes, taking down floating trees and replanting some trees and flowers makes such a difference.

    I do it around spawn in the waste too, I think it deserves some love. Also in hopes that keeping things generally looking OK will discourage griefing, to keep the landscape navigable and safe and maintaining sustainable resources for everyone. <3

    I know there are other players who do environmental restoration regularly too. Thank you all. <3
  9. What great idea, remind me to buried my dirt, I mean fill some creepers holes!
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  10. It's good to inspire and inform people about Earth day, but what is playing MC doing to help the real world?
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  11. Keeping many inside while covid-19 runs a mock!:D
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  12. I thought this was a wonderful activity. It brought our world wide community together for a common goal and we had fun doing it too! =D It also reminded us that it was Earth Day. It was a great event and I enjoyed it thoroughly. :love: :<3:
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  13. Maybe next time, we can keep part of this in the controversial forums, yeah? If you're not already, you can learn about opting-in here.
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