Dragon Eggs

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  1. So guys, im looking to buy a few dragon eggs, if you have any or know anyone with them please let me know because im willing to pays lots of moneys for it :D, thanks. :D
  2. i have found a end portal that has not been discovered yet except for me i will be heading there in a few hours i will let u know when i get the egg
  3. Enderdragons are disabled on EMC. Currently the only way to get dragon eggs is to buy them from other players.
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  4. awwww that sucks
  5. well how did the other players obtain them in the first place
  6. and can u still enter the end
  7. yes you can still get into the end, and the dragons were here at the start and they killed them.
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  8. You can still ender the end. The first 10 eggs came from the 10 original dragons.

    Some eggs were turned in for 10 regular eggs while the original got a lore saying "Original Dragon Egg" (or something like that)

    But soon (hopefully, it's been like... a year) dragon tombs will be released and dragon eggs will start populating EMC.
  9. ohhhh kk thx heaps
  10. Actually 5, as the as they began killing the enderdragon from smp5 onwards.
    A long while ago, the owners of these eggs were given the offer to sell these eggs to the server for 1r. Those that did were given their original egg back, as well as 19 others. This was done purely to put more eggs into the economy before Dragon Tombs came out.
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  11. In fact, here is some info on the original eggs.
    Original Dragon Egg
    Original Dragon Egg

    Type: Misc
    Released: May 21st, 2013
    Update: Dragon Tombs
    Obtained by: Could be exchanged for Vanilla Dragon Eggs
    Attributes: Final, Soulbound
    Lore: This is an EMC Original Dragon Egg

    Right click while sneaking to place an EnderCrystal.
    The Original Dragon Eggs were obtained by selling one of the original Vanilla Dragon Eggs to a shop chest at the spawn for one rupee. If owners turned them in, they would get the egg back, along with 19 regular dragon eggs. They are extremely rare, with only five known to be in existence. These eggs will not be obtainable ever again.

    Original Dragon Eggs are Soulbound and Final, meaning they won't be dropped on death, and cannot be modified.

    The Original Dragon Egg owners also have the ability to spawn an Ender Crystal on a residence, by right clicking while sneaking on the location that the user wants the crystal to spawn. Each Original Dragon Egg can only create one Ender Crystal at a time, so if you try to create another while one is active, it will tell you that one is active, and if you want to place another, you must remove the previous by, again, right-clicking it while sneaking. Crystals can only be placed on a residence by the owner of the residence holding the egg.

    The Original Dragon Eggs were shiny, but lost their shine due to a client-side bug. The eggs look like the normal Dragon Egg pictured to the right, except the Original Dragon Egg has the special name, lore, and attributes.

    EMC has a variety of custom-coded items for many uses.

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  12. Buy one at 2000 I think Todd is selling it for ~600k