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  1. I haven't collected eggs in a while.
  2. Don't you wish Dragon Cave had a special green dragon day where only green dragons were available in the caves.
  3. Why? Is there something special about green dragons?
  4. Cause of Saint Patrick's day that's all.
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  5. So the Halloween event week and new Halloween dragons arrived and now the event is over. My eggs I did collect i forgot about them and they died. ALL MY HALLOWEEN DRAGONS DIED !!!. On top of that I didn't even get to collect the new 2021 Halloween dragons cause I forgot to log in and claim them in the 24hrs they were available.
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  6. Aw, that's unfortunate!
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  8. Interesting system!

    Did you try many that turned out to already have been taken?

    That post was post #607 in this thread.
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  9. Not at all, none of them were! Worked out pretty well just making a name up by looking at the code.
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  11. Yeah... I think you have too many indeed. :p

    You have more dragons than Rhythmically has found geocaches. :rolleyes:
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  13. My bad, I'll work on that :rolleyes:
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  14. i'm lucky i named them when i got them
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  15. Hey all !
    The holiday event has started.
    The Holiday region is active and that's the place to collect dragon eggs from previous years.
    Also everyone is able to breed their holiday dragons
    The dragons for this year won't be active until like the 25th.