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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ritunn, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. I hope everyone grabbed some Christmas eggs while they lasted.
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  2. for some reason, "Colorful light twinkles within" every egg I look at. That egg is my fourth egg on the sig
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  3. Alright i need clicks or these holiday dragons are gonna die... bomnp

    edit- thanks for the clicks- they're looking mighty fine!
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  4. I got some eggs. How do I get to place them on my signature? I don't remember

  5. Copy and paste that into your sig and ur good to go!
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  6. Okay I added some.

    Are there some guides or anything of the sort?

    I only played this for a while back in like 2012 and I hardly remember what to do.
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  7. Honestly idk- I just click cool eggs
  8. Isn't the game very simple? Just enjoy. :)
    You can find new dragons in one of the six areas mapped out, or get one that's abandoned by another (and will thus have a lineage) from the abandoned pile.
    I just checked the website, and it still looks the same as 7 years ago. :D
  9. Yeah I was wondering more about certain species and trading and what not.

    I joined the discord so learned a bunch. Same with their forums.
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  10. I bred some dragons and got two eggs- but I didn't realize I was at my egg limit and had to abandon them. They're still unclaimed, and I'd like them healthy, but they're not on the Abandoned Eggs page- is there a particular time at which I can reclaim them, can I claim them now, or something?
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  11. You’d need to wait some days until they pop up no?
  12. From what I can tell I gotta swoop in exactly when they hit the page at 4 days 12 hrs- their breed are rare and are likely to be taken quickly. I'll try and figure out exactly what minute they'll hit before then, and be there when it happens.
  13. Well sometimes the page is at around 4d 18~hrs as well. So after the 5 day mark you gotta pay attention.

    Check your action log to see exact time you bred them
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  14. (Checks action log)
    "Jan 06, 2021, 12:25 pm EST"
    oh no
    this is gonna be painful
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  15. Or don't worry about. Cause once the eggs are in the abandon pile, it's highly unlikely you'll find the egg you bred. Just wait the 2 week cooldown and breed the dragons again.
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  16. Following up on this. You get the eggs back or not.. I'm kinda curious.
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  17. One egg is gone- claimed by another, but another stays in limbo...
    Yeah abandoned eggs are hard to retrieve especially from auto-abandons.

    edit: the egg is taken lol and was taken- scroll was not visible
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  18. 2 new eggs just got released today for January.
  19. I've been egglocked

    Has anything been stated about what rarity will it be? Haven't been able to get one of the new ones yet
  20. Something about these eggs is luring me in...

    edit: yoinked 2- happy about that
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