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  1. *Yawn* Nearly 3 yrs on from IceCreamCows (supposed) innovation - that's 4.5+% of MY lifetime - so a great deal higher for the vast majority of members. Why don't the staff just admit "It ain't ever goin' to happen"? In my programming days (long before Aikar even existed lol) if we were two WEEKS behind schedule, serious questions were asked by the upper echelon! It's no personal gripe of mine as I am a non-paying member, but it should be seriously considered by those who are ie diamonds, golds and irons - just where their money is going.:(
  2. I don't pay to have gold in hopes of 'features' I pay for certain benefits and to help out EMC. If feature do or do not come out, that's really not my concern. It'll happen when it happens.
  3. It should be coming out within the next few months actually, it's listed on the upcoming major updates.
  4. Answer: It's not as simple as people think it is and was announced WAY before it should have been. We've already acknowledged that, but we have quite a few things to finalize (in Current Development) before Dragon Tombs CAN be created and we have been steadily working towards the end-goal over time. In addition, the development team is not doing this for their livelihoods and still have real life to worry about.

    The development world is explained by a simple riddle:
    99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs,
    Take one down and patch it around,
    127 little bugs in the code.

    Every time Mojang has updated, every small update we do to get us closer to Dragon Tombs...they all come with bugs that it sometimes takes weeks to tackle properly. It's a very ending race between fixes and new bugs being created. For a while, it was just Aikar at the helm of the development. Now we have chickeneer and Socks to help with the smaller updates, but when big issues happen, it still takes some of Aikar's time to fix.
  5. I laughed really hard, then I cried.
  6. 98 little bugs in the code, 98 little bugs
    take one down, patch it around
    137 bugs in the code
  7. Best riddle I've seen in years. :p
  8. There you go.

    Also ZBSDKryten, Aikar posted a while back explaining what the holdups were, but the short version is: real-life and higher-priority updates interfered. Continuously. Newer versions EMC had to update to (or risk being an obsolete server with no members), the whole issue with Justinguy passing the torch - and the burdens of running this place - and a number of other smaller issues.
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  9. I know to you it may seem as though it will not ever happen, but developers do have responsibility IRL as well and they cannot simply devote 24 hours a day just to make the inpatient people happy.
    I have not been here long but here is more features to emc other than the dragon tombs. They have different smp's, areas such as /fun or /pvp etc.

    I personally don't mind the hold up. They are doing everything they can to release it asap, but as mentioned earlier in this thread mojhang does update which will bring bugs that emc Dev need to patch up which then side tracks them.

    Think of it this way-
    1. Have emc devs release the dragon tomb at THIS VERY moment AND have tons of bugs that mess up game play and such.
    2. Have emc devs fix the bugs and get rid of them so we can play and enjoy our experience, and have them release the dragon tombs when they are ready.
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  10. The issue for the members who have been here much longer is that we were promised a massive update called dragon tombs by the end of 2012. The staff posted pictures of it and information about how it would work and what it would bring. However, from what I've been told, Aikar is yet to start work on the actual dragon tombs part of dragon tombs.

    The difference for someone who was around when it was first announced and someone who joined after that, is that we were told huge amounts of information about how it would work, giving us the impression that it was close to done. Newer members weren't told all of this and simply that is was coming in a future update, so they have been a) not waiting as long, and b) they haven't been given the impression that it was almost ready for release.
  11. But... But... It's so true.
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  12. Well, for us paying supporters we don't have to consider where our money is going. They make it very clear here.

    In case you don't want to click the link.. or can't find it at the bottom of the page...

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  13. Yeah, a riddle...
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  14. kryten is one of those live in the wild types so all the townie updates dont rlly affect him, thus he feels liek nothing new is getting done. i concur that i wish there were more wild updates in the works but in a recent post i made was sated when they explained that there was so much broken code and updates to work on that they just cant even.
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  15. If you ever take a coding camp with Java, its very hard to code dragon tombs. The developers are probably doing their best.
  16. I asked Aikar once what the actual speedbumps were to getting DT going, since everything had been built out, planned, and according to some sources, even functional. He said he'd been trying to "fix" the Dragon's behavior so it was actually a more challenging, dynamic, and interesting fight. The mechanics of battling an Enderdragon in its current state are, for the most part, flat out annoying (particularly its habit of flying away constantly).
    I'm not sure what the current state of DT looks like to him right now, but I know with certainty there's a great deal going on under the hood, even aside from what players can actually see as the end result.
  17. As a paying member the only thing about dragon tombs that interests me is being able to teleport to my wild outpost. Really honestly. I have only been here for six months and already it is annoying. There have been many different suggestions on how to fix that without the need of DT while making "Empire" minecraft more available for everyone. Sure the current claim system is annoying but it is there. All that info is either in a database or can be entered into a database in a week or less. Mechanics of adding a teleport to a claimed outpost is simple enough. Even if it is only for the founder(s) of the outpost and not the members. The lore added to EMC would be nice but I can fight all kinds of dragons with stories and such, different stronghold and level thingamabobs simply by switching to single player. The biggest hold up for the explosion of what the wild is supposed to be, perhaps a financial pour in as well derived from retaining new members for more than a month or so, is teleporting to outposts and having that area protected. I understand the teleports make the protected area thing more of a problem. Even so, teleport or at the very least let us use our vaults at our outposts.

    You know since dragon tombs will never happen :rolleyes:
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  18. From what I got from your post (I skimmed over it :p), I think I feel the same way. The thing I want from Dragon Tombs is the stuff that would come with it that can very well function without it. I don't think I've ever had any interest in the actual 'tombs' part of Dragon Tombs - they are a far cry from what I joined the Empire for back in 2012, and so is a lot of the stuff in the new EMC updates (enraged mobs, minibosses, etc. They pretty much ruined the wild for me >.>).

    From what I can remember, someone came out and said that the stuff shown in those pictures was built by them and was advertised as Dragon Tombs in a post saying "It's nearly finished, it'll be here by the end of the 3 months left of this year - we even have pictures of the almost finished product right here!". Eventually someone else said Dragon Tombs hadn't even been started, or something.
  19. Money from supporters goes to running and maintaining the servers. Other updates have to be done first before Dragon Tombs can be put fully into place, it's a really big piece of code and it's not as easy as everyone makes out to get it pushed out.

    I say this, but I still really want Dragon Tombs to come out. I've been waiting for a long time and I hope it lives up to the hype, but it's taking a bit longer than I anticipated... I understand that we have to do all of the commands updates and everything and do all of the bug fixes first but I hope things like the Games Server aren't being put in front of Dragon Tombs, because I think Dragon Tombs should be one of the main focuses. Seeing it on "current" on the development status is what I'd like to see again soon, because at the minute it's been stuck on "next major" for quite a while, yet different things keep making it to current rather than Dragon Tombs.

    I understand the wait, but I hope this gets into the works soon, because this has to be the most anticipated update for the Empire and many players would love to see it here.
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  20. Dragon Tombs isn't really all that hard to do. The stuff Aikar is putting in place for it, however, is. If what Kephras said is true and Aikar is changing the Ender Dragon's behaviour, that would be extremely hard (I'd guess borderline impossible, since I have never seen anyone do that with Bukkit, or Spigot) to do also if you're not making a client-side modification.